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    Cool Whoops, wrong one!

    So, I was hastily making my way out the door this morning and since it will be a rather hot day I wanted to go with something fresh for my SOTD. I decided on Mountain Frost by Bath and Body Works. A nice fresh scent that I wore a lot in highschool. It brings back fond memories and makes me feel youthful. Perfect for today.

    It had been a while since I had last reached for it, all the way in the back of my stash and grouped together with the rest of the BBW mens line(old line that is). I grabbed the bottle, took the cap off and gave it a whiff....Yep thats the one. I opened my shirt, gave 3 quick sprays to my chest and I was out the door.

    Now, driving on my way to work I roll down the windows and start to "air" myself out, my way of quickly getting to the drydown. That's when it hits me. I start smelling something warm, spicy and certainly familiar. It took a few seconds for my brain to start firing (it was first thing in the morning afterall) and that's when I realized it. I am wearing Woodland. For those of you don't know, this one too is from the BBW mens line but is a dead ringer for the original Obsession for men.

    Not only am I now wearing a fragrance that I reserve only for cold winter days, I am wearing 3 sprays! Luckily the office is air conditioned so I'm just going to rock it. No need to risk a co-worker walking into the washroom and catching in the middle me scrubbing my chest

    Please share any similar stories....assuming you have

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    B&BW's new men's line has a variety called Oak. It too is identical to Obsession. The one called Noir is a dead ringer for Eternity. What's up with that?

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    Default Re: Whoops, wrong one!

    When I heard the old line was being discontinued I went into my local BBW store looking to stock up. The SA said they had already offed their stock of it and since I liked Woodland I should pick up some Oak. It was OK but just didn't last very long on me. I actually thought the noir was pleasant and the other two where pretty forgettable.

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    Yeah, did this a couple times.

    I have a bunch of Guerlain bee bottles in my wardrobe and when it's dark and I'm getting dressed in the morning, sometimes I grab the wrong one and forget to look at it before I spray it. I'm always mistaking my Apres L' Ondee bottle for my Mouchoir de Monsieur bottle. I really should move them on opposite sides of my wardrobe.
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