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    Default Dior Dune - Formulations & Reformulations

    I was giving Dior's Dune a wearing yesterday, and musing on how much I enjoy the top and heart of this fragrance, but not the base so much ( it turns a little bland on me ). I know it's been reformulated a few times, so I'd be curious just how it's changed over the years.

    Also, given that Dior no longer makes the Esprit de Parfum, how does the Esprit compare, and is hunting for the esprit a good way to uncover vintage?

    Looking forward to your thoughts!

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    Default Re: Dior Dune - Formulations & Reformulations

    I can't tell you what the differences are since I've never actually bought a reformulated Dune (I have lots of old, early 90s stock) but I can tell you that the Esprit de Parfum was re-released along with the first reformulation because I've seen it in the newer boxes, so that's not fool-proof. To get an older and much better version, just look for the boxes that have a black band at the bottom and "Dune" in the oval along with "Christian Dior" like this one -

    This is the newer box. They're easy to spot when you know the difference.

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    Default Re: Dior Dune - Formulations & Reformulations

    Hey there,

    I have a bottle of Dune parfum, which smells exactly like the EdT. The reformulation is still pretty close. However, the Esprit de Parfum spells very, very different--and not in a good way. I found this out the hard way. It's somehow denser, more opaque, more "oriental" and heavier. I definitely would take the reformulated EdT over the Esprit.

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