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    Thumbs down Beckham Signature Story

    This stuff is at my local TJ Maxx.. I had the displeasure of buying it then returning it within the hour. It smelled pretty good in the store. Sort of like a mix of Le Male, Polo Double Black and the lemon notes from Live Jazz. It smelled similar on my skin, but very headache inducing, extremely cloying, and with that nasty papery smell. The smell is a bit exotic and captivating at first, sort of gourmandish yet somewhat sporty and citrus. The closest I can compare it to are Le Male, and Double Black, but with some citrus in the top. Actually, if you have ever tried a Le Male wannabe known as 360 White by Perry Ellis, this is very similar. They both share that beyond cloying opening that is just too over the top and powdery in feel and slightly in smell if you know what I mean. Bleh.. NEXT!

    1.7 oz of Signature Story is going for 16.99 at TJ Maxx, and that price is too much to me. This isn't worth more than 7 bucks at best.. and even if it were that low, I probably wouldn't buy it. While at the same time, Story doesn't compromise the quality ingredients, it does smell very rich and heavy, which at first made me ask myself if i was really sniffing a Coty fragrance.

    Coty.. Beckham..Get your sh*t together already! Try making a fragrance with a quality feeling like this one, but with a pleasing aroma. Dip into some of your Nautica's for advice, at least all from the Voyage lineup smell great. Signature Story is just another sad story.

    Anyone else try this monster yet? I'm getting a headache just writing this mini review and reminiscing of that smell that nearly made me dizzy.

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    that's weird that a celebrity-fragrance is bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TalkingMuffin View Post
    that's weird that a celebrity-fragrance is bad.
    Don't call me a gloom-and-doomer, but if this is possible, celebrities could even start behaving badly!
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    I have similar experiences.

    Avoid Beckham frags. End of story.

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