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    Default CDG: Stephen Jones

    I finally got a chance to sample this one. At first, I was blown away. What immediately came to mind was cold moon rocks. It does have that space fizziness enveloped around what I would perceive as moon rock. Or, I suppose a dry cold stone rock on earth would be the same. I was really digging it until it developed a little further. I started to warm just a little. Then I was reminded of Magma that has been cooled and blackened on the surface but still red and warm underneath. It was just past this point that it started to get cloying and annoying on me. I appreciate this for the imagination that went in to it but, I don't think it is wearable for me. A neutral rating for its spectacular beginning but not a thumbs up for its horrible dry down.
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    Default Re: CDG: Stephen Jones

    It's a weird one. I love it, but I need to be in just the right mood to wear it, and the weather needs to be warm. Because of this infrequent desire for it I don't own a bottle.

    To my nose it's a big blast of pungent, soapy aldehydes meets violet.

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    Default Re: CDG: Stephen Jones

    It came around the same time as Love in Black. I like the opening, but thats about it - I found Stephen Jones lacking in materials quality compared to LiB and while LiB starts with dewy violets and evolves to an intriguing animalic/dirty socks accord with a cool rose base, Stephen Jones starts with an arresting accord but dramatically degrades in quality.

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    Default Re: CDG: Stephen Jones

    "Intergalactic" violets is how I described it here in my review.
    Still love this one, but you have to be very light-handed!

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    Default Re: CDG: Stephen Jones

    I think it, Love in Black and Dans Tes Bras share a lot in common - and they all came out around the same I can't help thinking of one without the other.

    This is one I want a decant of, but I can't imagine reaching for it a lot. Nonetheless, I loved the concept and art direction behind it.

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    Default Re: CDG: Stephen Jones

    I like it better than Dans tes Bras (which is just too odd for me) or Love in Black(cough syrup), but it does get to be cloying in the end, sadly, as it is the best of these types, IMO.

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    Default Re: CDG: Stephen Jones

    I will have to re try both Stephen Jones and Love in Black - both did not sit well with me.
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    Default Re: CDG: Stephen Jones

    Interesting that people find Love In Black, Stephen Jones, and Dans Tes Bras all linked. I suppose it is a little trio of eccentric violets, but to my nose they're quite different...

    Stephen Jones - bright soapy aldehydes and violets. I actually find this pleasanter in the drydown than the top. I enjoy this.

    Love In Black - tar, violets, and berry candy ( it's the berry candy that ruins this for me - the initial accord of violet ashphalt is fun ). Top intriguing, drydown nasty.

    Dans Tes Bras - a weird, rubbery note mixed with icing sugar. No real violet here, at least to my nose. Horrid - get it off me!

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