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Thread: YSL Pour Homme

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    Default YSL Pour Homme

    I just acquired a bottle of YSL Pour Homme. Man, maybe I'm crazy.... but is this stuff is an under appreciated scent in the whole genre of Eau Savage, Chanel Pour Monsour, etc.... or what?
    I think YSLPH has just cemented itself in my permanent collection. Maybe a bit more simplistic that then others, but I appreciated a minimalist approach, and it has a very respectable strength and longevity after that initial blast that is sort of strong. Good blend of sweet and bitter in my opinion.

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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    Yes, perhaps a bit too simple. I own a bottle, but don't wear it too often. The mustiness / twigginess is not tremendously appealing.

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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    Thanks to its non-nonsense, timeless style, this one is and will be one of faves

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    Yes, I love the intensity of the lemon in the opening blast. But there's something dirty in the herbal base that spoils it for me.

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    A true classic lemon/citrus. YSL's first men's fragrance. Far better sillage and longevity than Eau Savage, which has zero staying power. Why purchase a cologne that is gone in 5 mintues?

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    I kinda dig that "something dirty". It's subtle enough to not be a kick in the nose, but pronounced enough to give it it's own character. A versatility which would allow me to be confident to wear it in a dingy bar, a wedding, funeral, formal event, dinner with family or a dance club.

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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    A truly classic sent.

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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    One of my all time favorites, and as you said under-appreciated.
    It's been discontinued, so buy up.

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    If it's been discontinued then why is it still advertised on the YSL website?

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    I asked my stockist about it and he told me that it is currently available from wholesalers.

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    I have the YSL Haute Concentration and like it very much. Is the regular YSL worth getting if I already have the HC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by westpac690 View Post
    If it's been discontinued then why is it still advertised on the YSL website?
    According to my BF, he just had a talk with someone at a YSL counter at Selfridges (I think), who told him that YSL PH, Rive Gauche PH and Opium PH were all just discontinued, and that they would not get more shipments of those. It might be worth more investigation, but usually these bits of info pan out to be true. I found the Rive Gauche PH the most shocking, to be honest.

    I see all these still on the YSL site, so it could be 'impending'. More likely, there is still stock to move, so it's prudent to keep it advertised. A designer ceasing to produce a fragrance does not amount to an abrupt removal, rather it cycles out. But I , personally, tend to bank on info like that. My BF bought three bottles of RVPH, as a precaution.
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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    It's a classic IMO.
    Please feel free to check out my Swap Thread - Patou pour Homme, L'Instant de Guerlain PH Extreme, Dior Homme Intense, Pure Malt, Pure Coffee and many more! Click Here For My Swap Thread

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    One of the few power citruses around. That slightly animalic drydown is an absolute clincher for me. I slightly prefer the PH over the concentree, it has a slightly smoother transition and the notes to my nose are a tiny bit brighter. They are both "old school", but in the most positive way.

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    They may not be discontinued but no longer wholesaled e.g. they'll be exclusive to the YSL boutiques and website. Oh and I think it's a great scent- citrusy without being actually fruity.

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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    A true classic. The dirty lemony lavender and the vetiver-rich drydown have been a pleasure to my nose for decades
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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    Great smelling scent, but it's only good on me for about two hours.

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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    I received my bottle today which was a blind buy.

    My conclusion :

    A harsh initial lemon pledge blast that takes roughly 20 minutes to dry down then a hint of wood appears as the lemon lingers in the distance and is more subdued. This is when I started getting excited waiting for the vetiver (which I adore) to come through but I was disappointed. I dealt with the lemon and I could smell a potential for a really nice woods mid notes to come through but it stayed stagnant until finally it dwindled into a sweaty jock strap smell. I've heard "crotch" mentioned before to describe fragrances but I never thought I would have to use it to describe anything I bought.

    I put it on again later in the day and had the same experience. Although I was able to work through the crotch smell and finally noticed a proper dry down but it was neither here nor there. Some say they wear this as a safe scent to the office or meetings but in that case I wouldn't even wear cologne. Wearing this wouldn't make a difference IMO. There was no wow factor. Nothing that would spark interest from anyone around me . So why bother wearing it?

    I have my Giorgio Beverly Hills and my Vetiver by Guerlain. I will stick to those for now and eventually load up on samples again when I get the urge. Out of 15 samples I bought from the perfume court I went back to what I was using before I signed up here.

    Usually it takes me seconds to know if a scent is for me. GBH and Vetiver Guerlain were love at first smell and years later they still are.

    Had hopes for TF extreme and Chanel sycomore but had sillage and longevity issues with both.

    By the way I bought the EDT with the red top not the haute couture.

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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    I find it very similar to Monsieur de Givenchy to start with, then MdG has a 'animal' dirty note along with a 'dry biscuit' smell and finishing off with some oakmoss, YSL PH clearly gets its mild dirtyness from its herbal notes, and pretty much stays like that until the end, you have to be paying attention to be able to spot the vetiver over the sweaty herbs.

    And yes, I do wear this to work (an air conditioned office) in summer with no concerns. It wouldn't be my first choice if I was going somewhere tropically humid though.
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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    I would like to know if the bottle from the first picture is still in production?
    Are any differences between these 2 ,I'm referring to the scent?
    Which of the 2 worth to be bought blind?

    Thank you!

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    I think the version of YSL PH that is in the first bottle is not being made any more, but lots of places on the Internet still have this one in stock (but they are running out).

    There are differences between the "old" YSL PH and the new La Collection version. I consider them different scents, with the La Collection version being "inspired by" the older one. The new one is still very enjoyable, but its not the same and not enjoyable enough for £73 for 80ml. I'd get Eau de Guerlain instead. Just as good, costs less for a larger bottle.

    The big differences are that the Lemon Verbena has been removed.
    The herbal notes have been toned down (they are still there, so the "dirtiness" is still evident, just not as much) to the point that the note list doesn't even mention any of the herbal notes of the original (rosemary, clary sage and marjoram).
    Its gained a "moss" note in the base, and the patchouli is stronger. The note list says "oakmoss" but thats unlikely.
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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    The original red capped version of YSL pour Homme was my SotE last night... Even after over 30 years since I first sniffed it I still love the stuff.
    Current Top Favorites:
    1) Portrait of a Lady original formula (EdP Frédéric Malle)
    2) Giorgio for Men vintage/V.I.P. for Men (Giorgio Beverly Hills)
    3) Dia Man vintage edt (Amouage)
    Anat Fritz Original Formula and Classical (Anat Fritz) - tie
    4) Lalfeorosa (O'driù) - tie

    Les Nombres d'Or Vetyver (Mona di Orio)
    7) Captain vintage (Molyneux)
    8) Tzora (Anat Fritz)
    9) Javanese Patchouli (Zegna) - tie
    9) Monsieur de Givenchy vintage (Givenchy) - tie
    9) Coeur de Vetiver Sacré (L'Artisan) - tie
    9) Polo vintage (Ralph Lauren) - tie
    9) Patou pour Homme Privé (Jean Patou) - tie
    9) Oud Shamash (The Different Company) - tie

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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    A great classical citrus woody scent for gentlemen. Someone mention "Sweaty lemons" once. I own the Haute Concentration, and prefer that one over the regular.

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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    Thank you for the answers. I'm thinking to buy it -the first version- while is still available .

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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    I recently bought a vintage bottle and am glad I did . . . classic.

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    Default Re: YSL Pour Homme

    Just bought a bottle blind (yesterday) and the scent is like I imagined to be.(I'm not gonna describe it now). I like it. One thing I would like to point is since I've read that some BN members have problems with sillage and longevity) this scent is very powerful. I sprayed on my wrist ( just one spray) at 4 pm and after 5 hours ( before I took a shower) was still strong. Now ,I'm at work and if I put my nose on the wrist I can still smell it. I'm wondering how powerful is the Haute Concentree version than?

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