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    Default Chemical Smells in Claibornes..

    More like Chemicalborne! I dunno what it is, but in the majority of Claiborne frags that I've owned or tried, they have this annoying chemical note that ruins it for me. It tends to emerge at the end of the top notes but more so in the middle, but it is noticeable from the beginning. I get it from Mambo, Curve, Curve Crush, Lucky you, Candies, Curve Wave, and slightly in Curve Chill and others. None of these fragrances are really remarkable to begin with, but this odor just drives what little they have right into the ground for me.

    I haven't worn the original Curve in some time, so one day at Marshall's saw a .5 oz in a set with some others and scooped it up... Been wearing it more often since it's summer, but everytime I put it on, I get this harsh chemical smell. Smells like an explosion sort of; like an explosion of computers, or circuits. Not like a nuke bomb or anything.. more like a fried computer server. << If you've ever smelled such, I have unfortunately.. but I think one who hasn't can imagine the odor.

    My favorite from the Claiborne house is actually one of the very unpopular ones in Realities, I find this to be excellent, and should really be adopted from Claiborne, because it just doesn't fit. It has its flaws of course, may seem cloying, or too synthetic, but I find this to be the case with many fragrances in its price range, so it's nothing to cry about. Claiborne Sport from what I recall is alright, but I may have to try it again to see if it has this chemical note.

    Rather than ramble off topic, I'd like to know if anybody else smells these chemical notes I'm referring to, and can maybe even explain what's causing this? Or is my nose just overly sensitive?

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    Default Re: Chemical Smells in Claibornes..

    No, you're right. I've smelled it, and I think your likening it to fried hardware is very apt, too. I sort of like that particular smell, but I can see others not liking it.
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