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    Default Creating similar fragrances

    I am new to the art of perfume making and I know I have much to learn. I plan on getting a starter kit to help with the learning process, but with that I would like to experiment and try to develop something similar to Kyoto by Comme des Garcons Series, a personal favorite of mine. This might be a lofty goal, but it will certainly provide motivation to learn.

    The notes listed on luckyscent are: incense, cypress oil, coffee, teak wood, vetiver, patchouli, amber, everlasting flower, Virginian cedar.

    What ingredients would you suggest I purchase to start developing scents that are reminiscent of this incense fragrance? I would really appreciate any advice.

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    Default Re: Creating similar fragrances

    First of all, let me say that it would probably be cheaper to buy a full bottle of Kyoto than to try to duplicate it yourself. If you just want to use that theme for a practice project, one way to start would be by purchasing the things listed in the notes: EOs of frankincense, cypress, vetiver, patchouli, and cedar (all good staple items to have on hand); absolutes of coffee and helichrysum (aka everlasting/immortelle), and Firmenich Teak, a synthetic perfume base. You will also need a carrier, probably perfumer's alcohol. If you go this route, the down side is that you'll spend quite a bit of money, especially on the absolutes, you'll have to learn to work with absolutes, and you probably will not duplicate the scent to your satisfaction because not all of the ingredients are listed in the notes, and some of them may be synthetic accords rather than naturals. The up side is that you'll have a few starter items to experiment with and you may end up with a scent that you like even if it isn't Kyoto.

    Personally, I actively try to avoid duplicating anything else that exists out there, but my goals are different from yours.

    Have fun, and good luck!
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    Default Re: Creating similar fragrances

    Doc: Perhaps my wording was misleading. I am not planning on duplicating Kyoto. I am guessing it is very difficult to duplicate complex fragrances. Instead, I would like to create something similar, a theme for a practice project as you put it. I want to develop something in some way reminiscent of Kyoto.

    Thank you so much for the advice and suggestions.

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