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    Question Aftershave Question

    Hello all,

    I've been a lurker here for quite some time, and dabble in DIY perfuming.

    I'm working with an aftershave concoction based on a fragrance, and I only want about 55-70% alcohol in the final product. The oils blend fine with alcohol, but when I add the water and other items, the solution clouds, and at less than about 65% alcohol, the oil separates. I have done some troubleshooting, and the issue is with the addition of water, not my other ingredients (aloe, glycerin, etc...). I am also using nearly 200 proof perfumer's alcohol, so that's not the problem.

    I can prevent separation using polysorbate 20, but the result is always cloudy. How can I create a clear aftershave based on an EO blend?

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    One way to prevent separation is to really mix the miscible components well before adding the immiscible ones.

    That is, mix the alcohol and oils (and glycerin and aloe...) first and mix them well, then add water in small amounts, mixing after each addition.

    Also, make sure to keep the overall water content low. Since you're using nearly 200-proof alcohol, you are also adding water; and the glycerin and aloe might contain water as well.

    That should theoretically work - I have little experience so far, and I abandoned the few clouded mixes that I made anyway.

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    That's what I had been doing. It seems the problem in the short term was adding too much distilled water, and apparently my liquid aloe breaks down and produces sediment in alcohol. I believe I need the oil-miscible aloe.

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