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    Cool Your Favorite Fragrance House: A Breakdown!

    Okay, so Marc aka Robes08(?), a youtube reviewer has done videos called "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" for fragrances houses. He also added most under rated and most over rated

    Pick your favorite house and do a break down based on the criterea of best, bad (not necessarily a poorly made fragrance, but one thats just not good for whatever reason), worst (simply an awful fragrance), under rated, and over rated

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Fragrance House: A Breakdown!

    What, you're not going to start us off with how over rated Creed is?

    Where's your list?

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Fragrance House: A Breakdown!

    Nah, my opinion on Creed is irrelevant in this thread.

    Ill start it off: Thierry Mugler (shocking i know!)

    The Good: A*Men (again, shocking... :P ) - Mugler Cologne would win if this wasnt an opinion thread, as its universally appealing and non-offensive whatsoever, but since the Mugler house is about doing strange things, i'm gunna go with A*Men.
    The Bad : Angel - I've tried to like it, i really have. Maybe its cause i'm a guy but holy crap i can not like this stuff. It smells decent with a whiff of it or on a scent strip after 2 days, but something about it is absolutely nauseating and repulsive. It does pull of the carnival vibe very well though.
    The Ugly: Sunessence - Dunno what in the world Mugler was thinking. Smells like pencils after about 10 minutes.
    Underrated: Ice*Men - many people hate this, i personally love it. Great, unique summer fragrance...actually year-round as well
    Over Rated: Pure Malt - After sampling this a bunch of times, I think the hype behind this isn't too justified. Smells good but its nothing stellar. The heart of it smells EXACTLY like Ice*Men's to me, yet people love it way more? Who knows

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Fragrance House: A Breakdown!

    Yves Saint Laurent. My opinions only.

    The good: Kouros, the closest I've come to a Holy Grail scent. (Runner up: Opium, the second closest.)

    The bad: Paris. I'm sure it smells lovely on the right person. I'm not that person. Baby powder and soap, the end. I'm told that there's sandalwood in the base. It must be soap-covered sandalwood. I'd call Paris a scrubber if it could actually be scrubbed off. Nuclear tenacity, at least in its vintage concentration. (Can you tell I'm not a fan?)

    The ugly: L'Homme, for its pointlessness and undeserved ubiquity. The beige wallpaper of men's fragrances. At least Paris seems like it was created with a clear idea in mind and makes a distinctive statement. L'Homme is scent by committee and an ugly indicator of things to come from this house now that its two strongest creative forces, Saint Laurent himself and Tom Ford, have left the building. (Stefano Pilati is no comfort; his color palette runs the gamut from black to slightly less black, and he apparently thinks YSL began and ended with the Le Smoking suit. Look at some old YSL shows - they're explosions of color! Interesting textures, cuts, and shapes! Distinctive designs! Pilati puts out one slightly distinctive item per season and runs it into the ground for 30 outfits per show. Okay, rant over.)

    Underrated: I'd say Kouros given how little love it gets from the Body Kouros- and L'Homme-obsessed YouTubers, as well as the North American market in general, but it gets heaping piles of praise as well. So I'll pick Elle, which is far less insipid than most fragrances aiming for the same market.

    Overrated: M7. Yeah, I went there! (Just kidding. Body Kouros.)

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Fragrance House: A Breakdown!

    Alright, I'll weigh in with Serge Lutens!

    Good: Sarrasins

    I could have chosen from any of a dozen favorites, but to me this is one of the quality Lutens' that also has a kind of accessibility to it that would make me feel comfortable recommending it to friends. It's a perfect, classical jasmine, rich yet cool, dirty yet restrained, floral but not over-sweet, and there's nothing else quite like it.

    Bad: Nuit de Cellophane

    Weak, watery fruity-floral that there wasn't a need for. Everything this fragrance does even marginally decently I can name a fragrance that does it better. Sorry Serge - it's lame.

    Ugly: Miel de Bois

    The olfactory equivalent of eating sawdust soaked in saccharine. I don't smell the infamous pee note, but what I do smell is foul, and not remotely akin to honey. I know this is being returned to Paris, but can they send it to Devil's Island instead?

    Underrated: La Myrrhe

    Another category where I could highlight about a dozen, so I'm highlighting the one I feel gets too little exposure around here. The contrast of myrrh and aldehydes is truly brilliant and evocative, and I really wish this would get more love, to be sure. It's a perfect oriental for summer that doesn't refer to anything traditionally "summer" like citrus, aquatics, or greenery.

    Over Rated: Ambre Sultan

    I can understand that back in the day, before there was an amber on every street corner, this might have seemed really cool. Now that there is a much wider variety available, I just feel that it's a little coarse, unsophisticated, and dare I say it... unnecessary?

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Fragrance House: A Breakdown!

    Comme des Garcons

    Good: Artek/Standard

    Bad: CDG Original EDP, like a cross between Southern Comfort Whiskey and bad cough syrup.

    Ugly: CDG 3 - OFF bug spray.

    Underrated: Vettiveru, a classic citrus and vetiver structure with wonderful neroli and cedar holding it together.

    Overrated: Avignon - The best Room spray I have ever smelled. I use it in my living room when I feel guilty about not going to church. Sublime idea, but not on your skin. It is simply too literal to be taken seriously IMO.

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Fragrance House: A Breakdown!

    I dont have a favorite house. I like a little bit from each one. But I'll do Versace. And this was a cool idea from Marc, btw.

    The good: Versace Man - very unique and balanced smelling fragrance. I like scents that make it difficult to pick out certain notes. That's how this one is. It's fresh, invigorating and I get a lot of compliments on it.

    The bad: Metal Jeans - I like to eat watermelon, not smell like one.

    The ugly: The Dreamer - This one does absolutely nothing for me. Nothing.

    Underrated: Black Jeans - A fantastic dark, yet clean, barbershop scent. Love the herbal notes. Too bad it was discontinued.

    Overrated: Versace Man Eau Fraiche - A very ordinary, but pleasant citrus summery scent. After reading about it, you'd think it'd knock your socks off into the sun, but it doesn't. It's safe but nothing overly special.

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    I'll join the fun with ... ta-dah ... the House of Dior!

    Good - Poison. Love it or hate it, you have to admire it's previous glory.
    Never had the world seen a bigger instant seller than this one. And never
    such a controversial one either. Stronger juice than the original EdT one
    has to look long to find.
    Poison has not aged as well as other fragrances, Dior or not, but it is still
    a big seller, and will continue to be avalible for years to come. I believe!

    Bad - Hmm? Dior Homme Sport?! Does nothing for me, comes across as
    pure citric acid, me no likey!

    Ugly - Fahrenheit. The bestseller of 1988, and still going strong. Like
    Poison, F is a love/hate fragrance, as it is grotesquely masculine, even
    more so, than Chanel's Antaeus, allthough they share no other similarities
    whatsoever, than being über masculine!

    Underrated - Tendre Poison. A long lasting fresh floral with a delightfull
    sweet drydown. Borderline discontinued; it seems like it's not avalible
    anywhere, so, get a bottle while you can, soon this will be nothing but
    a saga ... unfortunately!

    Over Rated
    - Eau Sauvage. Don't hate, but this frag does nothing for me,
    howcome it has been able to substain it's popularity for so many years is
    beyond me. It's dull, outdated and old man'ish!

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Fragrance House: A Breakdown!

    I'll bite.


    The Good: Acier Aluminium. biggest swingin dick in the room.

    The Bad: Santal Imperial. I keep trying to like this, but it's possibly the most boring frag of all-time. i wear this when I don't feel like wearing cologne.

    The Ugly: Royal English Leather. like a cotton candy rootbeer float. sickening.

    The Overrated: Original Vetiver. nice enough, but completely flat and linear.

    The Underrated: Baie de Genievre. a quality crafted male scent.

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Fragrance House: A Breakdown!

    Creed by far.

    The good: the generally (not entirely) consistently very high quality of the fragrances.

    The bad: Royal Delight

    The medium [new category]: VIW

    The ugly: not sure... perhaps Original Santal, or Royal Leather, or Love in White

    Overrated: Silver Mountain Water, Millesime Imperial, at least in its more recent incarnations, and dare I say it, Vintage Tabarome [these are all good fragrances... I just feel their popularity exceeds their merits]

    Underrated: Tabarome Millesime
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    Default Re: Your Favorite Fragrance House: A Breakdown!

    Quote Originally Posted by TalkingMuffin View Post

    The Underrated: Baie de Genievre. a quality crafted male scent.
    +1. Bought a bottle, loved the sample so much, even though at the time I couldn't fathom buying one of their non-millesimes.

    Not necessarily my favorite, but here's my thoughts on Thierry Mugler, as I've gotten to try more lately.

    The Good: A*Men. Truly a masterpiece of love or hate groundbreakers. I think this even beats out Mugler Cologne, because, let's face it, not all people are charmed by completely inoffensive, faceless (IMO) scents.

    The Bad: Ice*Men. It's just a boring, linear scent with a bunch of nutmeg and a very minimal "icy" note. (I wanted to say Angel on this one, but since it's a matter of opinion and I know so many women who love Angel, I don't think I will.)

    The Ugly: Sunessence. A "borified" A*Men with horrid longevity. Enough said.

    The Underrated: B*Men. What too many people see as a questionable flanker to A*Men, I see as an acceptable scent with a flanker name. It's no Amouage, but if Mugler stuck a different name and original bottle on it, it'd be a decent stand-alone.

    The Overrated: Pure Malt. While I do like this a lot, (it does have a beautiful note from the casks it's aged in), I think the hype and price are far, far too high. I mean, really, you shouldn't have to give up an arm and a leg for this "nice" A*Men.
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