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    Default Rochas Man and Jaipur?


    I just want to ask for some help and ideas from people who knows far more about fragrance than me...

    I need to buy at least 2 new parfumes, maybe 3. I need them to allround use, that means at work as well as home or clubbing.

    I would love to have a parfume that not 99% of the others consumers in this city already have and that means armani code, le male or fahrenheit.....

    I have looked in this forum a bit and fin a lot of positiv responses about just Rochas Man and Jaipur.

    Would you recomend these parfumes? are they a bit "different"? And most important- are they similar to each other? If so, maybe i should only take one of them and another one?

    Or wich parfume would you buy? If you only would have 1m wich would it be?

    (i have not mentioned Creed, that one is a little bit too expensive....)

    I really appreciate all answers i get....


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    Default Re: Rochas Man and Jaipur?

    Rochas Man and Jaipur are somewhat similar in that they are both very sticky sweet and have a fair amount of vanilla. Jaipur is more oriental however, some spicy notes (cinnamon?). I would not buy the two, too close. Pick whichever is easier/cheaper for you to get. Givenchy Pi is another good alternative to the two.

    If you can find Cerruti Image, it is good. Also try Burberry London, Lancome Hypnose, Chanel Allure, Issey Miyake, Versace man Eau Fraiche
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    Default Re: Rochas Man and Jaipur?

    If Jaipur Homme is a gentle caress, Rochas Man is getting punched in the face with a fist wearing brass knuckles. Seriously, your sensitivity is probably going to determine which one you like. JH is certainly more subtle and complex, whereas RM is stronger and simpler. It sounds like you would do best to do a lot of sampling before buying, but if you want a bottle now and don't want to smell like a lot of others, JH is the safe way to go.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man and Jaipur?

    As it was already mentioned on this board, I can only second the fact that, while they are both great scents, Jaipur is the smoother, more complex, less showy of these two

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