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    Default So what's next....

    Kinda new to the "collecting" and I need some direction as to where to go next. Here is what I have:
    Gucci Pour Homme II
    Le Male
    Boss Bottled (#6)
    Versace Dreamer
    Versace Eau Fraiche
    L'Homme YSL
    D&G Light Blue- The girl Friend Made me
    l'deau D'issey
    Burberry Brit
    Burberry London
    Polo Double Black and Green
    Kenneth Cole Reaction
    And 1 Million on the way

    So where next? Im Kind of thinking Creed or a Bond?

    Let me know what you think of my collection so far and where to go next, thanks.

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    Default Re: So what's next....

    You seem to have a wide variety of taste in fragrance. In there, I see a variety of kinds.

    Some of Bond's line are rip-offs of Creeds with near exact same price ranges. For example, Chez Bond is a Green Irish Tweed clone, but unlike Cool Water, Chez Bond costs $210 for 100 ml while GIT costs $250 for 120 ml. Worth it? Not in my opinion.

    Thus, I believe you should get a few Creed samples (or at least study up on the scent and longevity of them) and from your testing and/or research, buy a Creed. Hell, if you have money left over, buy a Bond. It's not like all of them are complete clones, they're just not a bargain.

    Hope I helped.

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    Default Re: So what's next....

    That's a youngish looking wardrobe, so if you want to try a Creed I suggest some of their newer entries. Some of their older stuff will scare you.

    Original Vetiver
    Original Santal
    Silver Mountain Water
    Millesime Imperial
    Green Irish Tweed is also excellent, but people will start railing that it smells just like Cool Water. Use your own judgement. You know what you can afford and how you want to smell.

    From Bond No. 9:

    New Haarlem
    Wall Street

    The Bonds do get a lot of flack and many of them certainly seemed to be heavily "inspired" by other scents. But if you want to try some, go for it.


    L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme

    Creed and Bond certainly have a high profile among the niche scents. They are expensive, well known and attract the attention of many newbies. I wouldn't be one to talk you out of trying them. But do poke around in here and in the Directory to see what else is out there.
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    Default Re: So what's next....

    What's really important is what you think of it. Do you find that you have too many sweet ones, for example? Are you looking for something dry and herbal? These are the kinds of things I'd need to know before offering specific advice.

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    Default Re: So what's next....

    That's quite a good selection for a newbie.... props to you on your selections. Next step is all subjective. If you want something, get it. If you like it, wear it. It's all your choosing. You seem like you know what you like, so trust your own nose.

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    Default Re: So what's next....

    Hello, welcome to basenotes. I would shy away from the niche for awhile if I were you. You have a great collection, but there are just so many great designer scents that smell as good and won't put you in bankruptcy. I see that you are a young man living in Alabama. I bet it is really hot down there right now. Maybe I can recommend some great youthful scents for the hot weather:

    Azzaro Chrome
    Escada Sunset Heat
    Zegna Z
    Banana Republic Classic
    Azzaro Chrome Legend

    Just a few off the top of my head. Check the top thread about most complimented colognes for a great starting point as well. Someone did a tally at one point. Read reviews, test, buy samples, have fun... Good Luck!

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    Default Re: So what's next....

    You have a wide-ranging collection that is mostly composed of contemporary fragrances. In addition to the niche lines you mentioned, you may want to check out some of the men's classics from the old school: Guerlain's "Vetiver" and "Habit Rouge"; Givenchy's "Monsieur de" and "Gentleman", perhaps even their "Xeryus."
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    Default Re: So what's next....

    I bet it is really hot down there right now. Maybe I can recommend some great youthful scents for the hot weather:

    Yes it is, like 109. I was thinking bulgari aqva, but I'm scared that the salt sent will take over and make it horrible. Any thoughts on what this sent will do in 109 deg and 99% humidity?

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    Default Re: So what's next....

    The scent of jet fuel exhaust would work great as you leave 'bama for a more inviting clime.....109deg and 99%.... holy schlamoly...

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    Default Re: So what's next....

    Don't forget Opium and Kouros by YSL
    Creed Silver Mountain Water
    Cartier Pasha is one of the interesting fragrances i have been seen
    Rochas Man
    Acqua Di Gio
    Must De Cartier

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