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    Default Re: Creed makes "Morning Joe"

    Quote Originally Posted by kpointer101 View Post
    Well, you were watching MSNBC. They probably were trying to make a case that whoever can afford CREED should have their wealth redistributed.
    Yes it is the elitist thing to do. I remember Dianne Sawyer commenting about starving Chinese at a fashion show; and of course her $15 million salary and tax dodges.

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    Default Re: Creed makes "Morning Joe"

    This thread is turning into talk radio...
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    Default Re: Creed makes "Morning Joe"

    Quote Originally Posted by StylinLA View Post
    This thread is turning into talk radio...
    Where's Bob Grant when you need him?
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    Default Re: Creed makes "Morning Joe"

    *Spritzes this thread with Political Discussions Be Gone spray.*
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    Default Re: Creed makes "Morning Joe"

    This did not belong in the MFD board and is turning political regardless.

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