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    Default Article: Exploring the Science Of Scent at the Royal Institution


    I am a four-time Jasmine Award winning fragrance critic, Basenotes contributor and regular columnist for Esprit Magazine and Feelunique. I've also written perfume articles for Sunday Times Style, Grazia, Now Smell This and The Scented Letter, amongst others. My perfume guide, Le Snob: Perfume, is published by Hardie Grant. Click on its title for more info.

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    Wow, now that would have been a fantatstic evening to attend!
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    Hugo was my first Cologne. Bought it when I was a teenager. :)

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    Great article. I can relate. ;)
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    Knw what..! i'm wearing the scent talked and displayed here today, yeppi!

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    Yea Hugo is def classic and a keeper,I just hope some ahole doesn't decide it should be discontinued-not in my life time anyway.:coolold:

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    It's a fabulous article! I just have one comment and it has to do with what Mr. Will Andrews describes as 'his business':

    "We are not in the business of making art," he said, "we are in the business of making scented images."

    Perhaps he is trying to convey the message that they are trying not to give fragrance or scent and its business such a general term. Andrews proclaims that they are in the business of making 'scented images' which in my mind can only come from abstract ideas, concrete and/or fluid words and visions of old and new which is exactly what I thought of as an art form.

    I am guessing he wanted to just open the audiences minds to a more unique way of 'seeing smell' but to disregard it as a type of art disregards the whole point in what makes his 'scented images' uniquely a business.

    There are many facets in the field of perfumery but without the initial idea or creation born out of either memory or, say, a trip to Grasse, there is not going to be any business at all.

    I think I understand what Andrews is trying to convey but to disregard art in the world of perfumery is much like taking colour out of pictures (of course, this is just my opinion).


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    Great article! I wish I had been there :cry:

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