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    Default Essential Oil University

    Has anybody used Essential Oil University for their EO's and EO blends? Are they supposed to be quality products? I noticed that they also sell their own EDP's - has anybody tried any of these? I'm interested in this company because of the reasonable prices.
    What are the usual sources that you all use for your oils? (Sorry, I'm sure this particular question has been asked thousands of times!)
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    Yes I have tried EOU's oils and currently use them.

    The quality of their Essential Oil's is amazing. Compared to other big named essential oils, they really do stand out.

    I suggest you give them a try, the people working there are very nice. ~ Your Official Aromatherapy Source!

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    Aropy, thank you, I appreciate the info. Have you ever tried any of their actual perfumes?
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    No not their perfumes. Just their Essential Oils. ~ Your Official Aromatherapy Source!

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