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    Exclamation NEWS! Chanel to pull out of Sears Canada!

    Sears Canada does not have a good track record. It had a dispute with Dior because it was offering their products at various 'sale' prices during the holidays-Dior didn't like that.

    Now it seems Sears Canada wants a better deal, or discount, to carry the Chanel products since the Canadian dollar has been fairly strong. Chanel has apparently said 'screw you'. Mon dieux!

    Below is the article from the Globe and Mail.

    Might be some good deals ahead, Ladies and Gentlemen!
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    Default Re: NEWS! Chanel to pull out of Sears Canada!

    Here in the USA, I don't think Sears ever carried Chanel in their stores. Nor did Kohl's, either before or after their collaboration with Estee Lauder on the FLIRT! and American Beauty makeup/skincare lines.

    JCPenney, however, did carry Chanel from the 1970s until about two years ago. At that time, they were starting the Sephora inside JCPenney rollout, which carries most of the Sephora fragrance mix save for Chanel, the BPI brands (Gaultier/Miyake/Narciso Rodriguez), and Thierry Mugler. Maybe once the Sephora rollout is finished, JCPenney will carry Chanel again.
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    Default Re: NEWS! Chanel to pull out of Sears Canada!

    Chanel is in the process of changing their distribution policies, so it does not surprise me if they decide to pull off from Sears. IMHO, luxury goods companies face a dilemma: they sell specialty goods manfuactured in industrial scales, so to a point, there is a contradiction between the exclusivity that luxury goods marketing demands and massive market presence needed in order to sell goods that are massively produced. Chanel knows about it so they decided to resort to exclusive distribution, but "too exclusive" means less sales... The logical thing to do would be pulling-off from Sears and focus in upscale departmen stores. BTW, would that be The Bay?

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    Default Re: NEWS! Chanel to pull out of Sears Canada!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pollux View Post
    .... BTW, would that be The Bay?
    I believe so, Pollux.

    Graffham, BTW, thanks for the link and thread. I didn't know this happened. Seems like Chanel does well at Sears, so I am surprised this all went down.
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    Default Re: NEWS! Chanel to pull out of Sears Canada!

    interestingly, Nathan Branch recently wrote on his blog that Chanel was raising prices on their handbags by 20 percent. Why? to make them more expensive, and by association, more luxurious-appearing.

    wouldn't surprise me if this methodology was applied to the brand as a whole. After all, Chanel is one of the last houses of haute couture in Paris, yet have goods priced for us common folk, as well. Maybe they want to ramp up the perception of the brand? and no offence, but Sears ain't exactly Saks.

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