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    Default Average life for a Creed Flask

    If anyone has consistently used a Creed fragrance from start to finish, can you tell me how long it lasted with how many sprays used? It might just be me, but I think the sprayer sprays a lot of cologne at one time. A rough estimate in months or weeks would be great.
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    Default Re: Average life for a Creed Flask

    Someone will have a fairly scientific answer, but many of us rotate between so many scents, it will be hard for us to really know.

    What size bottle? How many ml are you talking about?

    Their "usual" size is 75ml. But they also make 120ml, 30ml and the 250ml flacon for many of their scents. They also sell an atomizer that is 50ml.

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    Default Re: Average life for a Creed Flask

    The 4oz 120ml flask.

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    Default Re: Average life for a Creed Flask

    I would assume between 1100-1200 sprays

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    Default Re: Average life for a Creed Flask

    If I wear Original Vetiver 3 times a week, I guesstimate, about 12 - 13 years will have transpired before the 120 ml bottle is emptied. That's because the fragrance is so strong, I only use a drop or two. Here's a similar thread:

    Based on info. from that thread and a little math:

    720 SPB/365.25 DPY = 1.97 years at a rate of one spray per day

    SPB -- Sprays Per Bottle
    DPY -- Days Per Year

    If you use the fragrance by the drop...

    There are about 360 drops in 1 (U.S. ounce). Of course, the density, viscosity, etc. of a fragrance will change this value as it changes the shape of the drop compared to water.

    Sparing you the math...

    There are about 1,458 drops in one 120 mL bottle. If one drop is used per day, the bottle will last about 4 years.

    I guess that means my guesstimate is off or I'm applying less per week because it worked out to about 9.3 years at a rate of 3 times per week.

    It's been fun.

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    Default Re: Average life for a Creed Flask

    Quote Originally Posted by sensual View Post
    it's been fun.

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    Default Re: Average life for a Creed Flask

    Hm. If I get your calculations and I use 6 sprays all year round then it'll last me almost 70% of the year. However, I don't use the fragrance everyday so assuming I use it 250 days out of the year at 6 sprays each use, It'll last just under a year. 265 Days will make it more around the 90% range. And that's if I use only 6 sprays. Hm. Well thanks for the info. That's not as much Millesime Imperial as I had thought there'd be, but it's always nice to learn new things. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Average life for a Creed Flask

    Am I missing something here? I don't find creeds in average to be significantly stronger than other perfumes. And I don't think the amount a sprayer spritz makes a huge difference. Having said that, it lasts about as long most other bottles I have, about an average of 2 years if you rotate perfumes but still use your creed regularly.

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    Default Re: Average life for a Creed Flask

    I may be unorthodox in my application since I desire to have a fragrance bubble of less than 12 inches and if I move, I'm aware of the sillage trail left in my wake. I try to use a drop, less if I'm reapplying. I don't spray and walk through the cloud.

    I'd rather under apply than over. A full spray, on me, is likely to offend others around me.

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    Default Re: Average life for a Creed Flask

    So the purpose of your cologne is not to be necessarily enjoyed or noticed by the people around you, but by yourself? Well I guess to each his own. I'm want to try to get the greatest silage from MI and possibly achieve better longevity. I can't imagine a single drop of OV creating a bubble around you less than 12 inches. And I mean that in the sense that it simply won't be enough to be detected even in the 1 foot range without getting extremely close to you. (3-6 inches) I'm not saying it's weak either I just can't see a bubble of aroma coming from such a small application. Where do you even apply the spray?

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    Default Re: Average life for a Creed Flask

    Wrist pulse point areas, carotid areas (neck), maybe some on center of mass (chest) clothing or area of suprasternal notch (front base of neck).

    I just tested one drop of water, using a standard dropper, as a comparison to what I estimate I apply in fragrance and it is more than enough to cover all those and very accurate.

    Sillage is fine, I can exit a room and reenter shortly after and still smell the product (although it could simply be wafting up to my nose from the chest area).

    My (unwritten) fragrance policy states that, in accordance with courteous behavior, my fragrance should not be detected unless the other person is inside my personal space or due to sillage trails left by my own movements or those carried by air currents. To entertain acquaintances or strangers with it would be presumptuous since I can't possibly know or be able to cater to everyone's likings.

    Embarrassingly, others have made comments (all positive) even though they are several feet away. One drop works on me. Maybe I have higher-than-average skin temperature in those areas of application. I have a device which measures such and its readings are as follows:

    Wrist: 89.4 F
    Carotid: 94.1 F
    Suprasternal notch: 93.1 F
    Center of Mass, outside surface of a black cotton T-shirt: 86.7 F

    Ambient Temperature at roughly the same height as the above areas (3 ft from floor since I'm sitting low): 74.5 F

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    Default Re: Average life for a Creed Flask

    The only Creed I own is OV. The sprayer puts out a very healthy amount per spritz, and I've gone through about 1/4 of a 4oz. bottle in a year and a half using it probably a bit less than once a week. I typically spray twice to the chest, and I can smell it at least eight hours, but it certainly is not blasting people out of the room. I think sprayer volume does affect how long a bottle lasts, and I think my bottle should last about 6 or 7 years using it about once per week. Your mileage may vary considerably.

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