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    Default Recommendations - looking for a wardrobe lift!

    Still relatively near to the board (I've been laying low and doing a lot of research before posting too much).

    Anyways - I'm looking to revamp my wardrobe. As you can tell, the majority of it are all your relatively basic fragrances that you can locate at any major department store (with some exceptions).

    What am I looking for exactly?! I'd love to expand into the world of niche fragrances, and acquire juices that are relatively unknown. I've done a lot of searching on all the sampling websites, but truthfully, I haven't a clue where to start.

    As you can probably tell from my wardrobe, I pretty much fall head over heels into the gourmand family (vanilla, coffee, tonka bean, chocolate, berries, etc...) However, I also love me some earthy/spice note that fall more along the woody oriental line (black truffle, leather, cedar, sandalwood). And I ADORE when I can find these two mixed together, e.x. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.

    Thanks for the help, guys. I really appreciate it! Any and all suggestions are welcomed!

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    Default Re: Recommendations - looking for a wardrobe lift!

    try tuscan leather by tom f, bois du portugal, original santal, royal english leather by creed, havana vanille by l artisan and musc rav. by frederic malle

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    Default Re: Recommendations - looking for a wardrobe lift!

    MPG Santal Noble & Creed Bois du Portugal- Sandalwood kings
    L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme EdT or EdP- discreet, impossibly refined gourmand/oriental
    Serge Lutens Borneo 1834- A more discreet version of A*Men
    Tom Ford Tuscan Leather- A wonderful, if somewhat linear, leather scent. Intense. Potent projection.

    The beauty of the niche world is that few people you probably know have ever heard of or worn any of these.
    The suck part is the prices.

    Welcome aboard. Start saving money.

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    Default Re: Recommendations - looking for a wardrobe lift!

    Oy! Some of those niche prices are outta this world, but that certainly isn't going to hold me back.

    Thanks for the rec's. I've had a sample of the Tuscan Leather and really enjoyed it. I've been eying both the Guerlain and the Serge Lutens. Perhaps it's a sign that those definitely needed to be added to be wardrobe!

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    Default Re: Recommendations - looking for a wardrobe lift!

    Your wardrobe isn't visible yet, but I have a guess that these would all be great additions.

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    Default Re: Recommendations - looking for a wardrobe lift!

    Parfums de Nicolai New York is only $50 and is the first cousin of Creed Bois Du Portugal. Quite the powerhouse. Think Don Draper.

    And you have to at least get a sample of Le Labo Rose 31, if only because it's so frequently discussed around here. This one has a potent, dry Cedar base.
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    Default Re: Recommendations - looking for a wardrobe lift!

    Berries did you say? Mure et Musc by L'artisan Parfumeur
    Chocolate? Rochas Man by Rochas
    Vetiver Tonka by Hermes
    Vetiver by Guerlain
    Antaeus by Chanel
    Opium Ph by YSL
    Also, check out the Thierry Mugler collection!

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    Default Re: Recommendations - looking for a wardrobe lift!

    Although this isn't really niche, it may be a safe blind buy that matches what you're looking for. A less common, fantastic gourmand with a bit of a chypre in it -- Animale Animale. Said to be similar to A*Men, which I haven't tried so I can't say much with comparing them. I can say that AA opens up with this amazing chocolate and lingering vanilla with a raspberry truffle accord and moss all over the background. The moss in this is amazing even if you dislike moss, the people behind AA who decided to combine a prominent chocolate note with moss, was a brilliant decision. This stuff lasts long, is unique, and prices are rock bottom.

    Another great gourmand that is totally unique and very inexpensive is Samba Kiss Me. Have you ever smelled a fragrance that smells just like lemon meringue pie? Well look no further! Projection here is thick and rich and that of a niche fragrance, and longevity is 8+ hours most of the time.

    A lot of people just go after niche fragrances because they want a fragrance that's unique and takes a chance, and they want that longevity that some perfume strength fragrances bring to the table, and that's understandable. But, having explored the world of non niche fragrances, dipping into less common houses, some houses where you can only find their fragrances online because they are so limited, I have found some amazing hidden gems. Best of all, the prices are rock bottom. If I find something that nobody has, that projects well, and lasts long, and is unique, I will feel as if I'm wearing a niche fragrance that may be sold at a far more expensive price.

    As for niche though, I definitley agree with the Tuscan Leather recommendations. It's a dominating leather note, a very rich leather but does have a certain sweetness from the light raspberry accord.

    You may also like John Varvatos (another non-niche). And, although it has a lot of comments here on Basenotes, I don't seem to smell it often out in the real world, but that may also be because it doesn't project very much a lot of the time. The smell itself is that of beauty.. leather but a more modern leather, not the same leather as Tuscan Leather, Tuscan Leather does feel like royalty.. John Varvatos is a combination of cherries and leather for the most part, it's sweet but never cloying. Nicole Miller is another non niche sweeter leather based fragrance. With an apple opening and a leather base. This can be found at TJ Maxx for 10 bucks. And the best thing about this, is very few wear it, so you're good there.

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    Default Re: Recommendations - looking for a wardrobe lift!

    Coffe, chocolate, and vanilla? You must try New Haarlem by Bond no.9.

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    Default Re: Recommendations - looking for a wardrobe lift!

    +1 on Vetiver Tonka - it may just straddle both your favourite categories.

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    Default Re: Recommendations - looking for a wardrobe lift!

    try Un Crime Exotique from Parfumerie Generale
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