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    Default hair highlights?

    Hey girls!
    How do you like hair highlights? They are quite in fashion now a day. i am looking forward to get few highlights but not sure which color to choose. I would go for red but my natural hair color is light brown so i am not sure which color would suits best with my hair color?

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    Default Re: hair highlights?

    I used to have foil highlights, but this time I got painted ones. They look much more natural. I think golden or auburn highlights look nice on light brown hair.

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    Default Re: hair highlights?

    My daughter have natural red hair, a beautiful light red. She wanted a highlight, so the beauticial put in a single golden highlight. It's beautiful.
    My hair used to be red but now it's "naturally" highlighted.
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    Default Re: hair highlights?

    Lol i love the term "naturally highlighted" Thanks

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