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    i've only really become interested in fragrances in the last few months and my way in was definitely through finding out about companies like demeter and ihateperfumes who are challenging the typical idea of what a perfume is and does.

    does anyone have ideas of other similar perfumiers/brands i could check out? past or present? i love the idea of transcending the idea of scent being beautiful/exotic/sexy and into weirder territory using traditionally 'ugly' smells, or just smells that are so different from the traditional idea of perfume.

    thanks in advance!!

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    Welcome snowsuit.
    Etat Libre d'Orange has such a fame I think.

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    Other than Etat Libre d'Orange, as mentioned, it's mostly "hit and miss." Some I suggest sampling are Cumming the Fragrance, Acteur, a frag with a clear oud note (M7 is good for newbies), Messe de Minuit, and The Knize Ten.

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    Comme des Garcons is known for making some very austere, avant garde scents. Check out the synthetic series and the "Odeurs."
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    I bet you'd enjoy this site:

    And, I'm guessing you'd enjoy trying scents by Andy Tauer, Vero Kern, Mona di Orio, Laura Tonatto and Alexandra Balahoutis as well as all the others already mentioned.
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    Serge Lutens.

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    Etat Libre d'Orange , and in a more classical way : Creed

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    The Different Company , also

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    If that's what you are looking for, you will have to check out Niche Perfumes. To start, maybe you can go to they carry a wide range of nice perfumes.

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