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    Default The Niche Fragrances of M Miccalef

    I was just looking at some of the scents from the House of M Miccalef at the suggetion of a fellow BNer. Some of them look very interesting. Has anyone tried these fragrances? What are your opinions?
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    Default Re: The Niche Fragrances of M Miccalef

    Actually I was just thinking about how Micallef fragrances just keep getting better and better. The last two I sampled that caused me to step up and notice this house again were: Note Vanille and Oud Homme. Both were strikingly good scents. Also outstanding samples were Shanaan and Arabian Diamond. They are expensive and they make very individual statements so you have to test them carefully, but the fragrances are outstanding in my opinion.

    I have owned a few in the past of these older scents my favorite was Micallef Patchouli a wonderfully cold but sensitive patchouli mix.
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    Default Re: The Niche Fragrances of M Miccalef

    I own Aoud Homme, Aoud Vanilla, Note Vanilliee. I love them, but I have one complaint, they are only very average in Longevity. Considering how much they cost, you would expect them to last longer. Really that is a small problem. They are great scents. If you would like to explore Oud then I think these make good starters. Not as full on like Montale.


    Scents I have that are not in the database.

    Amouage Molook Attar
    Full Incense - Montale
    Oudh Lacquer by Soivohle
    Shalimar Ode de la Vanille by Guerlain
    Mukhalat Makaki Perfume Oil by Swiss Arabian
    Man Amber by Halston
    Absolue pour le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
    Puro Intense by Nejma

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    Default Re: The Niche Fragrances of M Miccalef

    I really like Aoud Homme, and think it is one of the best oud/rose combos out there - far better than any of the rose/oud Montales I've tried.

    I want to like White Sea, as I really like the idea of it and even the structure and flow of the perfume, but it is all just too.. flat. The flat texture greatly hampers my enjoyment of the experience - it's like the equivalent of drinking flat soda.

    Black Sea is a very nice creamy clove/carnation oriented scent, but it's just not up my alley at all. I don't enjoy carnation heavy scents.
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    Default Re: The Niche Fragrances of M Miccalef

    I have Aoud Homme and Yellow Sea.

    Aoud Homme has been well described above. Yellow Sea is a beautiful, sensual, slightly animalic oriental which opens with bergamot and lavender, settling down to a base of castoreum and amber.

    Both Micallefs are actually very long-lasting if applied for wearing purposes.
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    Default Re: The Niche Fragrances of M Miccalef

    The Black, Red, White and Yellow sea are all excellent. My personal favourite is Spicy for Him the notes are Head: Lemon, Lavender, Artemisia, Heart: Patchouli, Fir-Balsam, Nutmeg, Base: Oakmoss, Ambergris, Crystal Musk it lasts ages.

    Le Proffesionnel, Le Seducteur and Le Sportif from G.Nejman are also worth checking out. The latest one is Emir but I found this overpowering and sickly sweet, due to it having Oud in it, which I'll be avoiding in the future as I can't take to Oud at all.

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    Default Re: The Niche Fragrances of M Miccalef

    Note Vanille
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    Default Re: The Niche Fragrances of M Miccalef

    I can recommend Mon Parfum.

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    Default Re: The Niche Fragrances of M Miccalef

    I own a number of them and have tried several others. I can also recommend Note Vanille, Aoud Homme, and the various Sea fragrances. Gaiac, Patchouly, and Note Poudre are also good.

    The Micallef fragrances generally strike me as being rather old fashioned, somewhat conservative scents. Most of them are well made, a little on the sweet side, rounded, soft, and often a bit powdery. None of them are loud or ill-mannered. Even though some of them use oud as an ingredient, none of them are very challenging or original. Some people find them boring.

    They are expensive, but usually come in very nice bottles which have a luxurious look and feel. IMO the overall Micallef style has more in common with classic perfume houses than with many other niche houses which try to be innovative or provocative.

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