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    Default Bring back the 80's with Old Spice Fresh AS

    I was going through a box of frags earlier today and found I had bought a bunch of Old Spice A/S when it was on clearance (to make way for the plastic bottle one). Nestled in with the regular scent was a few bottles of "Fresh." I tried it and *BAM* I smelled the 80's again -- it's an almost dead ringer for the original Calvin by Calvin Klein.


    I checked the reviews for Calvin and apparently "dreese" already discovered this back in August 2009, but I just wanted to throw this out there for any Calvin fans in case you didn't see his review under Calvin. (And thank you to him for confirming my findings, albeit a year ago!)

    It's odd because the directory lists an Old Spice Fresh "Scent" that came in a blue bottle and was released in 1980. Calvin came out in 1981. So either the dates are wrong, Fresh "Scent" is not the same as "Fresh," or Calvin Klein got some inspiration from Old Spice.

    If you like Calvin, you must go check it out (if you can find it -- not every store carries it). It's *really* similar.

    I'm quite pleased, since Calvin is long discontinued (again).
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    Default Re: Bring back the 80's with Old Spice Fresh AS

    The Old Spice Fresh I have is in the old porcelain OS bottle, and is an after shave. I bought it about 7 years ago. It is an excellent scent! Highly underrated!

    However, I'm wondering if we're talking about different fragrances, because the OS Fresh I have smells nothing like Calvin. I remember Calvin being an ultra-spicy aromatic fougere. OS Fresh (the one I have) is a sharp fresh citrus, sort of like a stronger, less refined Eau Sauvage in a way. It's citrusy and soapy, and just excellent.

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    Default Re: Bring back the 80's with Old Spice Fresh AS

    I liked the original old spice which I remember from the eighties before they changed the formula and watered it down. It had that extra spicy bite to the fragrance which is sadly missing from the one they sell these days. I hate it when they try to re-formulate a already good and successful scent. If it's not broke do not try to fix it is the phrase that comes to mind.

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    Default Re: Bring back the 80's with Old Spice Fresh AS

    So glad I found this thread. Calvin was my first cologne back in the early 80s, and unfortunately the rereleases which can still be found online, don't have the same smell. Was able to find a few bottles of Old SpiceFresh and Wow! Like the op said, very close only gripe is it just doesn't last. Wish they made a cologne version.

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    Default Re: Bring back the 80's with Old Spice Fresh AS

    You are welcome! I am delighted to find that my mention was helpful!

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