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    Default Fragrance eBay Ban

    So I was browsing perfume on eBay, and when I clicked on a listing for Kenzo Love & Peace I got this message..

    Unfortunately, access to this particular listing or item has been blocked due to a Paris commercial court decision that bans trade of certain authentic perfumes and cosmetic products on eBay because of French selective distribution laws. eBay is appealing this ruling but is nevertheless required to enforce it. We are blocking your viewing in an effort to comply with this court decision. Regrettably, in some cases, we may prevent users from accessing items that are not within the scope of the decision because of limitations on existing technology.

    so are they saying that select fragrances won't be able to be purchased on eBay? That's incredibly frustrating considering eBay has some of the best fragrance deals

    edit: it seems like I can't view ANY fragrance listing on eBay, even those made and sold in the US!

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    Default Re: Fragrance eBay Ban

    Hi HanuToYume
    No problems for me in the UK. Maybe it's just a Canadian thing?

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    Default Re: Fragrance eBay Ban

    No problems for me in Scandinavia either.
    This sucks, I would die, if this becomes
    the norm!

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    Default Re: Fragrance eBay Ban

    I can view listings just fine here in the USA, too. (I tried one for Kenzo Power.)
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    Default Re: Fragrance eBay Ban

    Maybe try a different browser? I've had this message on one browser but no problems with a different one.
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    Default Re: Fragrance eBay Ban

    might just be the source of the seller, ie no sellers from france can sell
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    Default Re: Fragrance eBay Ban

    Has something changed here? We bought decanting supplies from ebay as late as last week, but now I cant go into any perfume related ebay sites due to the Paris law. - et norsk parfymeforum

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    Default Re: Fragrance eBay Ban

    No problem with ebay and fragrances here.

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    Default Re: Fragrance eBay Ban

    No problems here whatsoever.

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    Default Re: Fragrance eBay Ban

    Well I don't know. It seems like we have a Dutch ip-adress, even though we are in Norway, and that might be the problem.
    Anyone from the Netherlands having issues with ebay? - et norsk parfymeforum

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    Default Re: Fragrance eBay Ban

    I'm in the Netherlands and don't have any problems...

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