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    Exclamation Open to Suggestions. You are the S.A.

    Ladies and gentlemen: I ask, if you would, that you peruse my wardrobe and suggest what fragrance next I should purchase. Imagine yourself an S.A. and me, your client. You know my previous purchases ( my wardrobe ) and now you have the opportunity to analyze my preferences and sell me on my next fragrance. Put your vast knowledge of fragrance to the test. This being said, let the game begin!
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    Default Re: Open to Suggestions. You are the S.A.

    Have you tried the new I Am King by Sean John? It's very light and fresh! Everyone loves it.

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    Default Re: Open to Suggestions. You are the S.A.

    Sir - What we have in our store currently is merde (to be blunt). Now I hate to recommend hard to find/discontinued fragrances, but sometimes those are the best ones - as I am sure you are well aware. So I would suggest you try to sample Yves Rocher Venice.
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    Default Re: Open to Suggestions. You are the S.A.

    Whew, glad petruccijc jumped in with a more serious answer, I was afraid I'd killed your thread!

    A sincere answer from me would be, have you checked out the Parfum d'Empire line? I particularly recommend Cuir Ottoman or Fougère Bengale. The latter is a riskier blind buy, I'd say, because its curry spices are a problem for some folks...
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    Default Re: Open to Suggestions. You are the S.A.

    Based on your wardrobe and scents I really like, I think you'd probably enjoy Frederic Malle's Iris Poudre, which pairs some old-school champagne aldehydes with a brilliant creamy, bready iris root.

    Speaking of iris root, I think you'd also really enjoy the interplay between it and the creamy sandalwood in Clive Christian No 1 for Women. You can smell the density of the really good ingredients, which I think would appeal to your enjoyment of the better-made old-school classics.

    (Oh, and my commission on that bottle of No 1 would be great!)
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    Default Re: Open to Suggestions. You are the S.A.

    Well stepping outside the box. Estee Lauder Sensuous Noir, just released. Patchouli, honey, amber, purple roses and lots of spice. Far from your usual Estee Lauder fragrance and actually more like a Guerlain perhaps.

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    Default Re: Open to Suggestions. You are the S.A.

    Yes, I too thought of the florals in the Frederic Malle line and would try to convince of their beauty. I'd also rave a bit about Ubar from Amouage. Finally, you probably knowing them all, I'd suggest the Roja Dove trilogy

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    Default Re: Open to Suggestions. You are the S.A.

    How about Youth Dew, Poison, Joy, or 1000? Vintage, of course, especially for the Patous.

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    Default Re: Open to Suggestions. You are the S.A.

    +1 for 1000 by Patou.
    Also I must recommned Une Rose Chypree by Andy Tauer- for the oakmoss too ,my friend !
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    Default Re: Open to Suggestions. You are the S.A.

    + one for Patou 1000 and Iris Poudre. I'm also thinking you'd enjoy Heure Exquise, and Donna Karan Gold. (all lovely, soft but distinguished, florals)

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    Default Re: Open to Suggestions. You are the S.A.

    Knowing of your love for blind buys and Guerlain, try the latest releases from Guerlain for men: the Arsene Lupin duo! But as these are costly, try before you buy.
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