Are there any particular ones you are disappointed in? I don't think a year is enough to judge it too harshly as it improves greatly with age. The ones I made from this thread start are two and a half years old now and divine. Just wait, you will be happy. It isn't so much a thing unto itself but an enhancer of others to an enormous degree.

Mine from many different types all have different characters. Some of them are strong and others quiet. I have made them that way as they have different uses to me. The strong would be suitable for a nuance and the mild for their diffusivity, longevity and radiance without influencing the smell of the perfume itself. You wouldn't want them to be strong smelling for that use. It would entirely depend on what type of ambergris you had tinctured in the first place and at what point they were taken off the substrate and how long it has been matured for.

I just love the smell of all of them. Strong or gentle. Addicted see.