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    Default Help me choose two L'artisan please!

    I have another discount on my purchases I am going to buy two and have acquired several samples to pick from and like them for different reasons.
    But I have eliminated Chasse aux Papillons - it makes my stomach turn.
    I gave Voleur de Roses to my bf, I am not a patchouli person.
    I like "Poivre Piquant" but why do I only smell the pepper? I like "Mechant Loup" but I think it is too masculine and I am not crazy about the licorice scent. What are your thoughts on these and "Fleur de Liane", "Premier Figuier", "Vanilia", "Havana Vanille" and "Ananas Fizz"?
    I like different things about each and want to grab a couple for my collection.


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    Default Re: Help me choose two L'artisan please!

    If you love Ananas Fizz, get that one first because it's been discontinued.
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    Default Re: Help me choose two L'artisan please!

    I really like Ananas Fizz, which is an intelligent but completely fun pineapple scent.

    Vanilia is interesting because it uses pink jasmine, the kind that grows here in northern California. They small almost like artificial banana flavor, which sounds odd but smells really good with the vanilla. So you'll either think you smell like flowers or like a banana milkshake, depending on your mood...
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    Default Re: Help me choose two L'artisan please!

    Vanilia is another one that is being discontinued, so they say. I like Havana Vanille and Ananas Fizz (although the latter has less than average longevity). I haven't tried Fleur de Liane or Premier Figuier enough to give a recommendation, although they seemed nice.
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    Default Re: Help me choose two L'artisan please!

    Premier Figuier is my favorite fig fragrance. The smooth sandalwood makes this a (mentally) cooling fragrance for humid summer days.

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