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    Default Splash vs. Spray Application Differences

    I sampled Tauer's Desert Morocain from a vial and then from an atomizer. I could not believe the difference. The atomizer allowed me to smell the masterpiece that you have all been talking about. From the vial, I was asking if it was a minimalist, linear fragrance..haha. I'm able to smell all the subtle nuances of the fragrance now. (Thanks to MatthewFoo for the atomizer and sample.)

    Have you experienced significant differences in fragrances based on atomizer vs. vial application?
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    Default Re: Splash vs. Spray Application Differences

    Yes. It is not your imagination. But remember - certain frags can also do better for you dabbed than sprayed. Sometimes it's better to dribble a spray frag into one spot to change the development profile from a blast of heartnotes to a quiet stream.

    I really recommend experimenting with application before writing off frags - especially borderline cases that are almost winners for you.
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