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    Default Zirh Ikon's Metallic Accord

    I purchased the 125ml Zirh Ikon / Deodorant set at TJ Maxx today for $15. After wearing it for a short time, I've noticed a metallic accord, similar to what I get from other fragrances such as Chrome or Acier Aluminum. As I'm still learning about fragrances and trying to hone my scent and brain, I'm hoping someone can tell me what I'm experiencing with this that may be similar to other fragrances, or at least explain why I'm crazy.

    Thanks all.

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    Default Re: Zirh Ikon's Metallic Accord

    In his perfume guide book, Luca Turin described Silver/Black by Azzaro (or it could've been Onyx, the same frag) as having nice top notes but then quickly morphing into a cloud of metallic woody/amber dust, if I remember correctly. This might be what you are thinking about here. I think it's a particular aroma chemical used in many recent frags.

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    Default Re: Zirh Ikon's Metallic Accord

    I don't really get a metallic note from Ikon, rather a massive rubbery note. Like burnt rubber, or tires peeling out and the smell left behind. The opening is just a huge cinnamon and clove blast. I really like the fragrance, it's pretty unique as is Corduroy and even the original Zirh. I just can't wear this stuff until it cools down.

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