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    Default Playboy New York Fragrance


    Playboy will launch Playboy New York, a new fragrance for men inspired by the ‘trendy metropolis that never sleeps’.

    The notes for the woody fragrance include aldehydes, lime, vinyl accord, green apple, elemi, black pepper, vetiver, tonka bean and vanilla.

    Playboy New York will be available in 50 ml Eau de Toilette and in matching body products. The bottle was designed by a graffiti artist.

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    Default Re: Playboy New York Fragrance

    Note sound nice, but i bet it really just flat out sucks.

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    Default Re: Playboy New York Fragrance

    Cheesiest f'n bottle I've seen in a while. Why did I laugh ?

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    Default Re: Playboy New York Fragrance

    See you at TJ Maxx!

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    Default Re: Playboy New York Fragrance

    Oh no, not another generic Playboy frag. I've tried most of them, they're all pretty generic with poor longevity. None are disgusting though. This one sounds the most interesting though, I love most of those notes; I hope for a big lime fragrance in this one, which would completely set it apart from all of the other Playboy frags.

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    Default Re: Playboy New York Fragrance

    I finally smelled this today and I would say it was more inspired by Abercrombie & Fitch's "Fierce" than a "trendy metropolis that never sleeps."

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    Default Re: Playboy New York Fragrance

    I have a 50ml bottle of this now.

    I had 1 spray of this to the chest, this morning, (wide spray) and re-applied again around lunchtime.
    Super hot today. 90+ degrees.

    When I rode a local taxi-tricycle, the driver could smell it, and he kept on rubbing his nose when I get near him. I don't think other guys like this smell on other men. Or maybe it smelled too strong in the heat outdoors.

    The girls (customers and cashier) I pass by inside the town convenience store seemed to have a bit more positive (but discreet) response.

    They had that sort of "Hmm, what is that smell? Where is it coming from" look in their eyes.

    Anybody here tried this one? I read a review saying Playboy New York smells like Fierce and Curve mating.
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    Default Re: Playboy New York Fragrance

    Quote Originally Posted by adonis View Post
    See you at TJ Maxx!
    Won't be long.

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    Default Re: Playboy New York Fragrance

    Saw this at tjmaxx today lol. For 6.99

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