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Thread: Storing Perfume

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    I've come across numerous sites advising to store perfumes in the refrigerator. So I decided to do so not too long ago as I've traveled to Russia where the temperature at the moment goes up as high as 35 C. I became worried because the place I'm staying at has no air con. so I decided to put them all in the fridge. However just today I came across a website advising against storing perfume in the fridge, saying that it may mess up the perfume chemistry etc....and now I'm totally lost. Worst yet, I am out of the town where I left my perfume and will not be able to take the perfume out of the fridge for at least 10 more days. That means by the time I get back there it would have spend about a month in the refrigerator already.

    So what I'm wondering about is this, now that I have put it in the fridge already: what's gonna happen when I will take it out? Is it too late? If what the website says is true, do you think by now the damage been done already? Or which is worst- keeping them in the fridge or storing them in the room temperature of a non air-conditioned place where its so hot and humid at the moment? These are the only 2 options I have for the next few months of traveling.

    I'm becoming concerned, I have some many perfumes and most of them have been purchased just few months ago and are almost full. Please help

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    As far as i know newly prepared perfume should be stored in ref for 1 week, but if not stored it in an room temperature but it will takes 2 weeks.

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    The Osmothèque refrigerates their perfumes. If it works for them, I'm sure it will work for anyone.

    I refrigerate my fragrances and have done so for 20 years with no adverse effects.

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    Default Re: Storing Perfume

    Extreme temperature changes is what I've heard affects fragrances. Light as well of course but we're talking temp. now.
    I'm sure they're fine in the fridge but if you're concerned, take them out and let them get to room temp. on a cool day so they don't 'warm up' too quickly.

    I live in Australia and our summers get much hotter than 35C! xD
    While I keep my perfumes in the dark, I have never worried about the temperature and have had no perfumes turn on me. I've BOUGHT turned perfumes but never had any go bad. I've got a few perfumes that are over 20 years old that are still good.

    I see this was posted more than 10 days ago. What did you decide to do ... how did it go?

    Oh and welcome to Basenotes!
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    Mine is in a cooler, controlled temperature. Like this, only mine doesn't have the ugly thing at the bottom:

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    Welcome to Basenotes.

    Mine are kept in a controlled temp. wine cooler and that works very well for me. To keep the inside dark,
    I have placed black paper on the outside of the glass so light will not penetrate.

    Happy Wednesday.


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    Default Re: Storing Perfume

    We've been storing our perfumes in the fridge for years. None have spoiled since we started refrigerating.

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    i just stored mine in the original box and kept in dark place like another boxes.. and some in a fridge..

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    Welcome! Just keep them in a dark, cool place that is out of the sunlight.

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    Thanks for feedback guys. I meant to reply earlier but the website kept logging me out every time I tried.

    I had a change of plan and am still not back where I left the perfume. The reason I asked about this in the first place is because I noticed my Euphoria CK perfume that I took with me on the trip which I also stored in the refrig. smelled different than before. That got me concerned and so I went to do some reading about storing perfume in the fridge and that's when I found articles saying some people had perfumes 'turned' in the fridge

    Since I'm travelling I've got no wine fridge, I assume everyone uses this type of fridge. But mine is just the regular one where food is stored.

    I'm worried about what will happen with these perfumes that are still in the fridge. I have Lancome Hypnose, YSL Parisienne, CK One, Crystal Noir Versace, and I dont even remember what else. But they're all fairly new.

    On the positive note, after I took out the Euphoria bottle out of the fridge and let it stand in room temp. for some time it seemed to have come back to the way it smelled before. I also had Chanel's No.5 and No.19 in the fridge and they seem totally fine. However I'm not sure about the Chanel's CoCo. I've tried it only once and I was quite drunk when I did and I thought it smelled absolutely great. However now that its been in the fridge I'm not sure if it smells the same...I dont even know what to think, but I think I enjoyed it better when I was drunk, I wonder if its because I was drunk or because it smelled different before the fridge.

    If the perfume "turns" in the fridge is there anything that turn it back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aliana View Post
    ...after I took out the Euphoria bottle out of the fridge and let it stand in room temp. for some time it seemed to have come back to the way it smelled before.
    And there you have it. The topnotes of a cold fragrance will give a slightly different impression.

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    No but thing is it stayed smelling that way for the rest of the day. I thought that as it warms up on my body it will change but it didnt! Anyways, I didn't like wearing it that day.

    I've read on another forum someone saying that they like to take them out of the fridge an hour or so before they use it because they like how it "evolves" better than if sprayed on directly from the fridge. I guess it was the same case w/Euphoria.

    However I dont know what to make of CoCo....its been out of the fridge forever now but I cant say it smells the way I remember it. Or did it smell different to me back then before I was drunk?
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    Default Re: Storing Perfume

    I don't use a wine fridge-- just a regular one. I have not noticed notes smelling different-- but that's just me.

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