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    Smile Where Can I Go From Here?

    New to Basenotes, and want the hive mind to weigh in on future purchases. Here are the guidelines to start with - I'm eager to find obscure, lesser-known or idiosyncratic fragrances or blogs outside of this one for research as well.

    Favorite fragrances:
    - anything by John Varvatos; he can do no wrong.
    - Polo Black and Double Black

    Fougeres/Woody notes:
    - Curve

    Aquatics/Fresh Scents:
    - Aqua and Aqua Marine by Bvlgari
    - Eternity, Eternity Summer, Eternity Aqua, Free by Calvin Klein
    - Eau d'Issey - Issey Miyake

    Things I HATE:
    - Insert_Your_Celebrity_Fragrance_Name_Here. Sean John is an abomination and Ed Hardy's line smells like what a bartender contends with at closing time. Horrific.
    - anything by Gianni Versace. His Eau Fraiche smells like cat urine to my nose.
    - Chanel: not that I hate the house, just feel the fragrances for men are too subdued and quiet for my taste.
    - anything by Giorgio Armani - If I wanted a fragrance that reeked of my brand-new sparkling marble-topped kitchen, I'd ask for it.
    - anything by Kenneth Cole - his Reaction fragrance should be entitled No Reaction Whatsoever.

    So, fire away, Scentual People! I'd love to see your suggestions.

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    Default Re: Where Can I Go From Here?

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    You may want to check out Etat Libre d'Orange fragrances - obscure, lesser-known and idiosyncratic, but not outrageously priced IMO.

    Happy sampling!
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    Default Re: Where Can I Go From Here?

    Smell all the men's scents by Guerlain, then smell all the men's scents by Caron, then smell all the men's scents by Hermes.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Where Can I Go From Here?

    Bulgari Black might be a fun one to check out. A pleasant smokey vanilla scent with a hint of rubber. For an idiosyncric aquatic, Quasar should be a fun one to try. A walk along the beach strewn with banana peels and newspaper.

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    Default Re: Where Can I Go From Here?

    Go check out some Givenchy, Thierry Mugler, and Gaultier

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    Default Re: Where Can I Go From Here?

    Try exploring the niche perfumes. you can go to

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    Default Re: Where Can I Go From Here?

    Ah, okay - some more ground to cover. I'm not a fan of Givenchy at all - the Pi line is really not what I like. Thierry Mugler's Angel was the first fragrance I ever bought for myself, but now I can't handle it. It's TOO huge, and too sudden in the note changes. Too sweet by half. But I love the chocolate/coffee/leather midnotes.

    Gaultier's line is wan to my nose - it's nice, fresh, etc. but I don't remember it much.

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    Default Re: Where Can I Go From Here?

    Bulgari's fragrances are a definite touchstone for me - I like everything they've put out, some more than others. But it's definitely a line I could enjoy smell-unseen. (Is that even a phrase?) Aqua and Aqua Marine are too of my biggest favorites. I wish Marine lasted longer on the skin; it's the closest thing I've tried that actually represents that "oceany/beachy" vibe all the aquatics seem to run after.

    By comparison, I'm not a fan of Cool Water, by Davidoff. I don't like the orange top notes mixed with the peppermint tones. It doesn't smell to me like what I know they are trying for with it.

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    Default Re: Where Can I Go From Here?

    Try Parfums de Nicolai, I've found I need to live with a scent and PdN offers 30ml bottles that keep the price down, a nice range too. Available at Lucky Scent.

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