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    Default Bond no. 9 Riverside Drive vs. Davidoff Adventure

    Hey guys:

    This probably sounds like a ridiculous match-up. Maybe like Tyson vs. Pee Wee Herman. But I tested out Riverside Drive yesterday. I thought it was basically a fruity musky woods scent. The smell was good, but not anything that would have me rushing out the door with gold card in hand. Adventure, on the other hand, can be had cheap and also is a fruity woods scent. I'm no suggesting that they smell alike or anything. I think that Adventure is a great value frag and Riverside Drive is highly overpriced for what it delivers. So, is it possible that the two frags kinda meet in the middle somewhere. I haven't worn my sample of Riverside Drive to work yet, but it would have to be quite impressive to outshine Adventure. I wore Adventure to work one time, and had two different women inquire about it.

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    Default Re: Bond no. 9 Riverside Drive vs. Davidoff Adventure

    Riverside Drive.....Gary

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    Default Re: Bond no. 9 Riverside Drive vs. Davidoff Adventure

    Riverside Drive by several lightyears.
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    Default Re: Bond no. 9 Riverside Drive vs. Davidoff Adventure

    I always saw a similarity between Riverside drive and Joop! Nightflight (pineapple and herbs in both), while I tried to compare Adventure to D&G One (both sort of warm, somewhat spicey ambers).
    In short, I'm not sure I understand the comparison, but maybe I don't know those two well enough...

    I was very tempted to buy Adventure based on sniffing it a few times and the cheap price, but after a few full wearings I've found it simply disappears after an hour or two.

    Riverside drive - I have been turned off the pineapple note just because of Joop! memories, but I thought it was for sure one of the top 5 Bond frags. Interesting and well done.
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    Default Re: Bond no. 9 Riverside Drive vs. Davidoff Adventure

    Davidoff Adventure.
    BTW Riverside Drive is my favorite Bond.
    Adventure's sesame note makes it so unique and very good for a designer scent.
    It's massively underrated (like alot of "post-zino" davidoff) here on BN.

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    Default Re: Bond no. 9 Riverside Drive vs. Davidoff Adventure

    Bond No. 9 Riverside Drive!
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