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    Default Mixing an Oil blend fragrace & EDT together?

    I figured you DIY guys would know if this would work or not.

    I want to combine two fragrances I have.

    Narciso Rodriguez Musc Oil
    Narciso Rodriguez EDT

    I'm not sure what the concentration of the Musc Oil is (absolute oil vs. blending oil)... but I know the EDT is about 10% absolute vs. alcohol.

    Anway, I want to make the EDT more potent. Would mixing in some of the Musc Oil 'work'? Would the alcohol of the EDT mix evenly with the Musc Oil version?

    I don't want to waist it, thats why I'm asking before I try. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Mixing an Oil blend fragrace & EDT together?


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    Default Re: Mixing an Oil blend fragrace & EDT together?

    You could of course decant small amounts of both and give this a try. Personally I would just wear them layered.
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