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    Default Any opinions on FERRARI UOMO?

    Any of you familiar with Ferrari Uomo? I've seen it for sale online, and the pyramid lists a lot of notes I really like, but this scent isn't even listed in Basenotes and therefore there are no reviews.

    Sounds like a spicy leather scent, but I'm hoping some of you guys can fill me in on what this is like. Like the other Ferrari frags, this one is reasonably priced.

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    Default Re: Any opinions on FERRARI UOMO?

    It is a spicy, light leather scent with a lovely mildly resinous labdanum base, along with also mild patchouli. I have a bottle and have given it only one full wearing. I must say i was pretty impressed with this frag, after all the less-than-inspiring review averages of the other Ferrari frags. It has little or no sweetness, IMO.

    Uomo is not loud. Rather, it is understated, but not light or fleeting.
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