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Thread: Dinner by Bobo

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    Default Dinner by Bobo

    I've been interested in a scent that smells like cola and many seem to agree that Dinner by Bobo best fits the bill.

    After a quick search I can't seem to find it for sale anywhere, not even on Ebay. Only TPC has it. What was the original cost of a bottle of this?

    Also, I've heard (and read, on Luckyscent) that PdE's Aziyade is pretty close to (some say a copy of) Dinner. I'd love to hear opinions of anyone who has tried both. I'm really curious how "cola-ish" they smell. I've tried some of the other common recommendations for cola scents (M7 Fresh, Magnetism, etc) and either don't like them or just find them too synthetic.
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    Default Re: Dinner by Bobo

    That's the only vendor I've spotted recently.
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    Default Re: Dinner by Bobo

    I am wearing this tonight, for the 1st time, thanks to a generous BN buddy.

    Wow! How deliriously fun, rich and decadent this is.

    I was first reminded of Mon Precieux Nectar by Guerlain, maybe it's the almond-sweet-candy vibe they both share, but Dinner has that wonderful element where it smells different up close (cumin, fruit, sweet vanilla) than it does far away (sweet candied fruits, powdery and slightly smoky incense). OMG, I think I am in love.

    Any more love for this one?

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    Default Re: Dinner by Bobo

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post
    Wow! How deliriously fun, rich and decadent this is.
    I agree! If a fragrance can have a sense of humour, this one's got it.

    It's been one of my biggest favourites to wear in December for years! I don't think it smells like cola, though, more like ginger ale or Moscow Mule.

    Once a guy was so smitten with it at a café that he bought coffees & cognacs for not only me but my two friends as well.
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    Default Re: Dinner by Bobo

    Wow, I had totally forgotten about this one. I got a sample from LusciousCargo (Great sample program btw) years ago and was totally confused. Going completely from memory here I just have lingering impressions of a melange of foody notes, cola, fruits, deserts, and spices. One of the stranger scents I have tried and not something I wanted to wear at that point. I will have to go back and revisit this one. I think I still have a sample around here somewhere....

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    Default Re: Dinner by Bobo

    When it was widely available a few years ago, it was sold at US$ 60 to 65.

    It was Prince Barry who geared my attention towards the Cola smell in it and I became very much aware of this Cola smell every time I wore it since then.

    On a different note, I find Rousse by Lutens to be very much in same vain save for that Cola thing. The latter has the smell of freshly cut wood pulp as a different element to it. I dunno... I find them quite similar.

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    Default Re: Dinner by Bobo

    It's a nice little scent, but I never went for a full bottle mainly because it has always smelled sort of cheap to my nose (in a bad way). Very tiring element this, in Dinner.
    Also, the silly name always forces me to think about Dj Bobo --- aaargh!!!

    Aziyadé by PdE is fairly similar but ten times better.

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    Default Re: Dinner by Bobo

    I sort of can understand how this could get tiring. I wore it last night, late, after a shower and right before bed - the setting felt perfect for this type of rich, comfort scent. I cannot imagine wearing this to the office, or for that matter, on a sunny morning.

    It feels like a perfume version of London for Men by Burberry, if such a thing existed.

    I did not find it 'cheap' smelling, at least not after just one wearing. I look forward to testing it again, hopefully in ice cold weather.

    And while I have not smelled them side-by-side, I don't think it's similar to Aziyade. Which was much sharper, less boozy and a bit more resinous in a Serge-Lutens-sort-of-way. When I smell Aziyade I always think of it as Arabie Light.

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    Default Re: Dinner by Bobo

    I have one eye drop bottles is almost gone.....this is certainly a fantastic scent that I will miss when it's gone.....Gary

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    Default Re: Dinner by Bobo

    i have recently acquired brand new 2 bottles of dinner by bobo by extreme stroke of luck...of course, became aware of it due to my search for cola-inspired fragrance...the top note does have fizzy cola feel but to me, it seemed closer to dr. pepper than coke..yesterday i got youth dew and youth dew amber nude and i must say dinner by bobo is very light version of youth dew..youth dew is one of the best values in fragrances..amazed it doesnt get as much love as it should..

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    Default Re: Dinner by Bobo

    CB I Hate Perfume sells a ginger ale accord that smells exactly like diet coke to me.

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    Default Re: Dinner by Bobo

    I had this about 3 years ago.....Have not seen this since.....I just wanted to chime in and say that I'm a fan.....Gary

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