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    Default The Perfumed Court alternatives?

    I've been having trouble getting TPC to finalise my orders.

    When I go to confirm, the next page doesn't load. I check my bank account, however, and I see debit lines numbering however many times I clicked Back then resubmitted the order.

    I've tried both a new account and a new credit card. Did they cease non-North American sales or something?

    Looking for other ways to access mainstream perfume samples online.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court alternatives?

    mainstream is easier
    try this:

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    Point Blank

    Default Re: The Perfumed Court alternatives?

    Are you sure you're just not being impatient? It takes an awful time for the confirmation page to load - so much so that you think it will time out - but it eventuelly gets there. Good time to go and make a cup of coffee

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court alternatives?

    Does it take longer than 40 seconds?

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court alternatives?

    You could try The Posh Peasant. I haven't ordered from them yet, so I don't have personal experience with them, but I intend to. They look like a good site.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court alternatives?

    Just email them at customer service and ask what's up. They are usually very good at getting back to people.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court alternatives?

    One of my orders from TPC has been lost in the mail.

    I've ordered about $400 worth of decants in the past couple months, and everything has come within a 10 day timeframe. This time 2/3 of the order has come and the rest lost in transit. The post office tracking said it was shipped on the 20th and went out for delivery to my apartment on the 30th, but no delivery has been made.

    I've emailed TPC and the response I got was to wait till the arbitrary date of January 10th. I emailed them again today twice trying to cancel the order or to ask for another alternative to having to wait till the the 10th, and I've gotten no response.

    Anybody else get stuff lost in the mail when you ordered? If so, how was it resolved?

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court alternatives?

    You said you live in an apartment....any chance your package got delivered to someone else in your building?

    I'm sure the ladies at TPC will do right by you. I'm guessing they will probably have to open an investigation/file a claim with the post office to find out what happened to the package and that all takes time. The Jan 10th date may not be so arbitrary. You may have to wait that long before something is considered "lost"

    I would try to take a deep breath and know that TPC will eventually help you figure this out. I doubt they will make you pay for an order that got lost. I'd wait for the 10th and contact them again.

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    Default Re: The Perfumed Court alternatives?

    There are many great alternatives to The Perfumed Court - Master-Classer lists some great ones and I find for my decant needs there are some sellers on Crystal Flacon that are a pleasure to work with. Where private decant sellers are often generous and communicate with the customer, TPC has abysmal customer service and handled my last (and final) transaction with them about as poorly as possible. They disregard customer loyalty and even items on sale have prices so inflated it's rather laughable. These were the people who were charging $35 or $40 for the free Montale 20ml minis one would receive with an order!

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