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    Default help me: i liked everything in the department store

    when i say liked i mean that if someone would give me such a scent i probably wouldn't mind wearing it. so i'm a little confused when someone calls a scent a stinker. it is perfume after all so maybe something is still better than nothing. IMO the bad/ stinker scents are those that are cheap/synthetic like the adidas/ jovan musks. i've only been disapointed with drugstore blind buyd. so today at the department store i tried...

    polo green: good, not as strong as i thought.
    paco rabanne: smells different a little darker/ spicier now than when i sniffed the bottle cap long ago. it smelled like a muted/ pastel green when i first smelled it
    xs: not bad. would wear it if someone gave it to me.
    some new lacoste: really good, fresh and green. anyone know? sorry for giving so little to go on.
    le male: good, also not as strong as i thought.
    lanvin l'homme sport: don't like it so much but still not bad. would also wear if someone gave it to me.
    z zegna: bingo! this stuff is awesome! would buy for myself. i'm 26 btw so this kinda suits me.
    zegna intenso: sweet stuff, would also wear if blah blah...
    summer version of le male: pretty good. was 50 off.
    adolfo dominguez aque fresca pour homme: this one kinda stunk but maybe it was the cap/ paper it was sprayed on. maybe it was the sa's nose he was sticking onto the cap which i also smelled eww....
    alvarez gomez edc: lemon pledgey but still good. i bought it since it was so cheap and on sale.

    there were other more unmemorables shoved unto me but i didn't recall them because i had not remembered their names in basenotes discussions. i think they were mostly davidoffs and kenneth coles. i mostly took the whole day sincei had to do some things in the mall too so my nose wasn't fatigued. tested 4 at a time before taking a long break.

    anyone else not so picky with scents? so how do you go about purchasing if most aren't bad?

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    Default Re: help me: i liked everything in the department store

    Hi derekzee - once the fragrance bug bites it's difficult not to buy anything you even vaguely like! My advice would be to buy the one (or two) you like the best and then wear them a good few times to get a better idea what aspects you like and dislike about each. This will hopefully inform your next purchase. It's a bit like buying clothes - you think, "That shirt's not bad" so you buy it but find it sits on the hanger whilst you wear your old favourite again! Just buy the ones you really love then you'll be spoilt for choice. It takes me longer and longer every morning to pick a frag to put on!

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    Default Re: help me: i liked everything in the department store

    You sound new enough to this that you haven't found a direction yet. From your notes above, it sounds like Z Zegna made the best impression on you. Start with that and go from there.

    You make a lot of notes about "I'd wear it if someone gave it to me..." Well, I presume no one is going to give you scents, you'll buy them. Z Zegna was the only one that you said "I'd buy for myself."

    Sniffing in store doesn't really give you the whole experience. Most frags smell good for a couple of minutes. While you may have a very good nose, a marathon sniffing session can be confusing to your nose. ID a handful you seem to like the most and see if the store can give you samples to test wear. If you go in and buy the Z Zegna, they'll be happier to give three or so samples. If you walk in demanding samples, luck might not be so good.

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    Default Re: help me: i liked everything in the department store

    i think my nose has just become less picky in general. i usually ask for samples online and try them at home. i am usually drawn to the strongest. i've tried scents in the department store like just about 5x over the couple of years i've been buying online. i sometimes buy blind when i see something on sale in the grey market dealer stores.

    like i remember only liking spanish leather from trufitt and hill. but from memory of the scent i now kinda think i can chill with grafton too along with some others. it's like everything is growing on me lol!
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    Default Re: help me: i liked everything in the department store

    Hey, if you like em all kudos! I'd go for the edgier stuff, try to avoid to generic aquatics or woodsy ones unless they really blow you away. Thats what youve gotta look for ultimately: the fragrance that amazes you, not pleases you. If theres one that you keep coming back to over and over, thats the one you really should consider buying, regardless of its popularity or reputation.

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    Default Re: help me: i liked everything in the department store

    It's possible, you have a talent for enjoying a wide variety of scents. You may end up with quite a collection. I, however, am pretty critical. Here's a repost of my method:

    Test. Test. Test away. Just don't test too many in one sitting otherwise your nose tires, I believe, and you may miss something good OR bad.

    For me, the best card test is the first, so I go to the fragrance I am most curious about (decisions based on Basenotes info.). I might try "serious" tests for 3 - 4 others (total of 5). While I'm testing one, the other/s are drying down a bit, then I go back to the first, second, etc. to test the dry down. I keep the cards separate and on my person. I may "fun" test other fragrances knowing my nose has probably been pretty corrupted by everything previously, but I don't stash those cards away. If my skin is not clean and neutral smelling I do not skin test. I walk away with the cards and check on them occasionally.

    If the winner of the first 1 - 5 is impressive, it gets sprayed on my skin and I walk far away, into the real world, far from any strong odors. I check it often for the rest of the time.

    I'll go back 2 - 3 more time for skin tests, before I consider buying. I'll also ask the opinion of honest friends who have good taste and significant others.

    Very few fragrances make it through the ordeal as I'm very critical. One bad note or anything and I won't buy it.

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    Default Re: help me: i liked everything in the department store

    I wouldn't smell more than 4, maybe 6 tops, fragrances when I go shopping. It's hard to resist once you're new. And yes you probably want to buy everything, but it's best to spray something, go take a walk in the mall for an hour or two, so you can smell as much of it's life as possible. Hell come the next day even...or take it to the next level and sample fragrances a few times before buying. Once I got into this hobby and had some cash, I went into a crazy shopping spree, buying perfumes I liked, only to find something I loved the next day. Even though it doesn't hurt to have more in your collection than what you just LOVE, take your time, there's only so much money and time you can spend on perfumes, unless you're really rich I suppose.

    Also, always test on your skin, paper hardly tells you anything. There are a few must get scents if you're new, they're sort of safe in the sense they are really good and popular. Le Male, Black know.

    You seem to like z zegna the most so, get this one.

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    Default Re: help me: i liked everything in the department store

    Narrow the list down to the ones that you really liked, then try them on your skin. What works on a card may or may not work well on you. Also consider how the fragrance changes over time on you. What smelled awesome on a card might smell horrid initially on you then dry down nicely....or vice versa.

    You'll drain your bank account if you don't try them on yourself first.

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    Default Re: help me: i liked everything in the department store

    There are scents I come across that I think do stink but in general yes most do smell good. But even though they smell good that doesn't mean its something I want to smell like. Thats how I decide if I want to buy something or not.

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    Default Re: help me: i liked everything in the department store

    i also rely on basenoters opinions a lot and the guide. i like the descriptions some of you give. like a gentleman has a day at his club was the description i remember of habit rouge. of course i don't like gentleman's scents that much since i am not one. i know i know i probably should have my own taste and whatnot.

    do you find lighter scents harder to appreciate? sometimes they are so subtle. whereas an 80's frag is in your face.

    even kiehls musk grew on me. it stunk the first time i tried it. it probably still does but somehow basenotes has made me daring the past couple of years.

    i should retry rive gauche. i didn't like it the first time a couple of years ago. paco smelled like it now and i liked the paco i recently tried.

    i should mention i was, at the back of my mind, kinda looking for a generic youthful sporty type of scent and i kinda wanted to like z right of the bat due to descriptions in the guide. i really do like it. tried the extrem version of it and liked regular z better.
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    Default Re: help me: i liked everything in the department store

    Yes weak scents are hard to appreciate, there's little point spending money and time on something nobody is going to notice including yourself. There are a few subtle fragrances I like though such s D&C The one.

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    Default Re: help me: i liked everything in the department store

    went again today and again i liked majority still. even the ones i found vile when i first sniffed in store years ago. the SA's bombarded me with like 50 scents and it was becoming a punch line how one was even jocking pal zileri. had a good time anyways. i wonder if they get commission for certain scents?

    aramis i thought was the most old man smelling cologne ever. today not bad no old man connection.

    amen used to be a let down. i really thought i would like this before ever knowing what a gourmand was. today i kinda liked it and i'm putting it on a maybe i'd like to buy it list.

    1 million wasn't bad but i remember it was vile when i got a free sample in a restaurant. probably wouldn't buy still.

    bleu de chanel and allure homme sport i kinda liked. would buy in the grey market if i don't find a zegna or mugler there.

    mugler cologne. i get the rave now.

    fleur de male first time i tried it. how could a scent be gay? i'd wear this without hesitation.

    pino silvestre this one i didn't like so much. kinda vicks vaporubby but my nose was hella fatigued by this time.

    drakkar noir wasn't bad. i don't find it strong anymore since i'm a vca ph wearer.

    a woman's scent i liked from a magazine strip, notorious, smelled it today and it is vile.

    there are tons more i forget but i must have been shoved everything in the store i also liked the body shop white musk for men and kistna even. found them expensive though at full price.

    what did i buy? i bought essenza di zegna since i was looking for a light cologne and it was 50 or 60 off. i liked z but this one is great too. i thought it was the more expensive one since z is the cheaper clothing but i guess they're just the same. also bought 450 ml of eau d'hadrien. it was as expensive as 1 100 ml bottle of creed so i thought it was a good buy. yeah my purchases are kinda dictated by sales but being that i'm not that picky i thought i should take advantage of that anyway. also i'd never buy full price if it can be found on the grey market. the grey market where i live rarely has guerlains and muglers. i've never seen a zegna but haven't looked for them in particular until recently.

    i'm also kinda done with my 80's powerhouse phase. i'm more interested in the new things out there. maybe even some serge. i hated most of the line at first sniff same with TDC. i'm also interested to retry rive gauche and habit rouge if i haven't said that already. i found rive vile like spray on brut deo. habit rouge i did not know how to describe it. not vile and very far from it but i did not know what the hell i was smelling.

    i'm also stopping buying blind and relying on basenotes recs. i've bought blind for a long time maybe a couple of years if the companies don't send out samples.
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    Default Re: help me: i liked everything in the department store

    Fear not derekzee, there is help available:
    we have seen the enemy...and he is us.-Pogo

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    Default Re: help me: i liked everything in the department store

    bahaha! i was certainly abused by those SA's. they were like sharks i tell ya. anyways i think i'll buy a men sometime at the end of the year.

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