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    Default Re: Montale - Full Incense Any experience with this one?

    I hope it could get a proper review thread on basenotes someday, I still amazes me it hasn't yet. But I can understand how it does get so many comparisons to Avignon and Cardinal. I will be getting a bottle eventually as I love true catholic church scents and this one is just that.

    I think all three are great, as many would not see the point to own all three, but I really like how they are slightly similar, and really quite different at the same time to my nose, so will get all three. But Avignon and Cardinal have things going that are not in FI and vice versa. So if you like the authentic catholic church incense I really recommend this one. As not all church incense smell exactly same but similar. So that is how I see it.

    FI does not have the cold starkness Avignon does or smell slightly stale, FI is sweeter, warmer and softer without any smoke and way more refined and still very subtle, but it does have the melancholy feeling though and a true liturgical scent and this is what I like about it and why it succeeds as a true church scent. But when you do side by side of all of them you get so much difference in all three, and is why I think its worth it to own all three of them if you love church incense fragrances.
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    Default Re: Montale - Full Incense Any experience with this one?

    An excellent incense choice. Ranks right up there with Avignon & Cardinal.

    1/31/2013 After buying a bottle of this, I can state that this is probably my favorite incense fragrance (along with Profumum Olibanum). It lasts forever and has a very nice warm scent to it.
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    Default Re: Montale - Full Incense Any experience with this one?

    Quote Originally Posted by alfarom View Post
    Bois D'Encens is, quality-wise, on a completely higher level. Animalic, dirty, extremely dark...basically there's nothing like it around. If I'd really have to compare it to another frag I'd say It's a sort of warmer Zagorsk (coniferous galore). Full Incense is the Avignon Xerox copy. Churchy frankincense with camomille.

    Said that, IMO, If you own BdE it may worth owning Avignon instead of FI.
    +1. If you can get your hands on FI for a great price, I would do it. I think it is near the top for an incense fragrance. However, I would recommend CdG Avignon over it. If you already own BdE, Full Incense may seem a little redundant. While they are a little different, they are similar enough to not really justify the purchase of both.

    These are all very different - and much better IMO from the Andy Tauer Incense Extreme / Annick Goutal Encens Flamboyant type of incense, which remind me more of an ashtray scent rather than an incense.
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    Default Re: Montale - Full Incense Any experience with this one?

    I think Amouage's Opus IV is far superior to Full Incense. Looking back, I'm glad I never purchased a bottle.

    As for all the other incense recommendations, I found them too cold and detached on my skin. The warm spiciness of Opus IV rectifies that for me.

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