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    Default Coco Chanel Splash EDT Question


    While I am newly registered, I've been lurking on Basenotes, reading reviews and such, for months. I love it here, but finally registered because I've got a perfume conundrum, and I'm hoping you lovely perfume enthusiasts can help me.

    I was wondering if anyone knows if Chanel has done a 2.5oz splash bottle of the Coco EDT in the last few years. (Not one of the Strawberrynet ones). I'm looking at one on ebay the seller received as a gift and doesn't wear. Made in 2007, according to the date code.

    I in no way wish to imply anything negative about the seller, she's been very nice about answering my questions. My concern about getting a fake would be that she doesn't know it's a fake.

    There is no writing on the back of the bottle label. The writing on the bottom, which is molded into/part of the glass bottle reads as follows, according to the seller:
    1.code# SGO (date code)
    2. CHANEL name
    4.vol (80%)
    5. 75ml 2.5fl.oz
    6. 1

    Everything looks spot on, but I'm waffling because I haven't even seen splash bottles of Coco on the Chanel website. I've read many of the horror stories about fake Chanels on ebay, and so I am very, very cautious. If I didn't love splash bottles so much, I wouldn't even be thinking about taking the risk.

    Thanks for reading my novella of a post, and any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Coco Chanel Splash EDT Question

    Chanel still makes 75 ml splash bottles of Coco edt, they just don't distribute them everywhere.

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    Default Re: Coco Chanel Splash EDT Question

    Thanks for the info. Out of curiosity, where do they distribute them? Anywhere in the US?

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    Default Re: Coco Chanel Splash EDT Question

    Splash bottles are mainly sold in France/Germany/Spain/Italy.

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    Default Re: Coco Chanel Splash EDT Question

    In France , i'm afraid you don't have any 75ml Coco edt in splash..only 50 & 100 ml...

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    Default Re: Coco Chanel Splash EDT Question

    Thanks for the link. Looking at the picture, the label is higher than on the bottle I'm thinking about getting.

    Here's a link to the auction, if anyone feels like offering their Chanel expertise.

    Again, thanks for all the information and help. It's so nice to interact with fellow fragrance enthusiasts.

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