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    Default Piguet's new Calypso!

    Hi all,

    Robert Piguet has just reissued Calypso, which is supposed to be a soft oriental. Has anyone had a chance to sniff yet?

    Given the exemplary quality of recent re-releases (Bandit, Futur, Baghari), I'm really eager to hear what people's impressions of Calypso are. It's available in 1oz parfum and two sizes of EdP.

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    Default Re: Piguet's new Calypso!

    Oooh, sounds fab. Must try !
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    Default Re: Piguet's new Calypso!

    where to sample???

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    Default Re: Piguet's new Calypso!

    As with the other Piguets, I'm sure it's being rolled out slowly in high-end stores. It's available on the Piguet Website for ordering, however.

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    Default Re: Piguet's new Calypso!

    Thanks for the info. I look forward to trying it.
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    Default Re: Piguet's new Calypso!

    Has anyone managed to sample this one yet?

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    Default Re: Piguet's new Calypso!

    Sadly i haven't managed to smell it yet. If it's anything like the success of the other new and reworked scents by Piguet, I'll be a happy person. Piguet has always been very careful with high quality and top reformulations and they don't bother me one bit.

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