As french lover of perfumes , i know almost all of ou french perfumes ( at least the most famous , even the less..., anyway ). I'm getting now in the american "parfumerie" .

Would you please tell me , which of the american perfumes are the most interesting . Not compulsory the most evident ( C Klein and so on ..), but the most typical . Which ones , according to you , reflect the image of the us perfumes best ?
In the french , i would tell you : Miss Dior , Diorissimo , Pour Monsieur Chanel , Habit Rouge , Mouchoir de Monsieur , Derby , Eau Sauvage , Rive Gauche , Opium , Monsiuer Balmain , also Olène from Diptyque , Cacharel pour homme and so many others ..
Which ones for usa ? Thanks a lot