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    Default Another "Which One Should I Get" Thread (Sorry)

    There are two new fragrances I have recently become interested in:

    1) CREED Aventus
    2) Marc Jacobs BANG

    Aside from those two new releases, I have come to appreciate DIOR HOMME. It took me testing it 3 or 4 times to learn to like it. The first time, I sprayed it and washed it right off (I know better than that, but the lipsticky note turned me off immediately, and I didn't want to continue walking around the mall smelling that way). The second time testing it, I let it develop on my skin, and while I found it to be better than I remembered, it was just "a little too sweet." I went months without even looking its way again. Then two days ago, I went into Sephora to "test a few things" but I really just wanted to pick up some of their small empty sample atomizers lol. I asked for a sample of any random fragrance that I had been iffy about in the past, just so she could open the drawer and I could ask her for a few empty ones (don't judge me). Still, I got in the car and tried it on for kicks I almost feel like this isn't what I smelled the first two times. The lipstick smell dried off in 30 min or so and my car's AC kept blowing whiffs from my wrist into my face. I don't know how I dismissed this so easily before. I'm actually wearing it now.

    THEN, I decided to do some investigating and read some reviews/threads on Dior Homme on BN. From that, I picked up the Dior Homme COLOGNE may actually be BETTER for me. Having the powderiness and sweetness toned down just a touch, and adding the citrus to the top makes it seem like that may be even more of my style: still the same overall feel, but toned down to be "cooler" with an "effervescent" quality. More wearable. I don't know where I can go to test this without having to buy it, but I'd be willing to make that plunge since its described to be an "overall better" take on the regular DH that I already like.

    That's Dior.

    Bang is a whole other thing. I posted my experience in the "Marc Jacobs BANG...has anybody tried it" thread. I tried it at Bloomingdales, and got a sample from them as well. The aura that Bang leaves around me is just plain awesome. Its quiet, but it projects. Its such a natural smell that it doesn't even smell like a cologne to me. Almost like someone's natural BO, but in a good way. I gravitate towards fragrances like that for my "signature scents." Its so appealing, its almost hard to describe. Its definitely a winner in my eyes, but since I'm a compliment whore, I would want to be sure others can smell it. And while I feel it projects because I get small whiffs of it throughout the day, I'm not certain its potent enough for others to smell it on me. Yes, I know, I know, "wear it for yourself, not for others." I got that. I do like it myself, but I just like others to appreciate the scents I wear as well, then its a win on both ends.

    Aventus, I'll keep short. I tested it on the back of my hand at Neiman Marcus the other day, and it was really nice. Problem was I had other scents on my other arm (GIT and SMW). I kept getting sillage from what seemed to be Aventus, and I liked it a lot, but I can't help thinking that the other two scents factored into that smell also. But many people on the Aventus thread swear up and down by it, and get their compliments. I could see that by the way it smelled. I will be doing another proper test this evening when I get off of work, wearing Aventus and Aventus alone.

    I know I said a lot. I just wanted you all to know my experience to avoid all the "pick which one you like best, and get it." I like them all. I just want opinions. Which one do you all think is the best bet?

    I'm 24, and outgoing. But I don't like my fragrances to shout "Hi, I'm here!" I like when people that happen to be next to me (1-2 feet) to get small whiffs of the slight "aura" that my fragrance projects. Smooth and inviting.

    So...Dior Homme Cologne (or the regular DH if you think that), Marc Jacobs BANG, or CREED Aventus?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the book I just wrote.

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    Default Re: Another "Which One Should I Get" Thread (Sorry)

    If cost is not a factor, go with Aventus. Otherwise, Dior Homme Cologne.

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    Default Re: Another "Which One Should I Get" Thread (Sorry)

    Thanks hednic. I'm definitely going to do one more test wearing of Aventus. Do you have Dior Homme Cologne? If so, how would you say it compares to the original?

    Any more suggestions? As many Aventus, Bang and Dior Homme addicts as there seem to be here on BN, I'd greatly appreciate more input...

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    Default Re: Another "Which One Should I Get" Thread (Sorry)

    Bang is the best bang for your buck. Go for it.
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    Default Re: Another "Which One Should I Get" Thread (Sorry)

    First test Aventus like you already planned to do. If you like it, then you can weigh its merits against Bang. Doir Homme Cologne sounds very nice (I would love to sample it myself), but you are going to have a tough time sampling this. Without a sample, I would eliminate this one. Especially when you have two others in consideration that you can test over & over again if need be...

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    Default Re: Another "Which One Should I Get" Thread (Sorry)

    I know this has been said many times, but in the end, you and only you know what you really like. Don't be swayed here with opinions from people on the board. Use this site as a basis on what you may want to try and test, but beyond that decide for yourself when you get ready to pull out your wallet.

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