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    Default musks similar to creed

    I'm new. I ended up here after reading about creed GIT, and I've now bought a few samples from theperfumedcourt and need advise on what to try next based on my preferences so far. (My current theory is it's a light musk I'm looking for.)

    Here's what I got from theperfumedcourt, in order of how I liked them:

    Love 'em:
    • creed MI: Love it, I smiled every time I caught a whif. I think I could do without the mellon, but even so this is a keeper. My favorite part is how it smells right up close next to my skin.

    • creed SMW: Love it too, it's almost too light and crisp and fruity by itself, but combined with MI I really like it. This one also has much of that nice smell up close that MI has for me.

    Like 'em at least a little:
    • creed Erolfa / Himalaya: These have some of the traits I liked from MI/SMW, but not as much, and they have a little dustier tone to them maybe (?)

    • creed GIT: I was disappointed, it was very weak and I couldn't detect any distinct personality in it (before buying, I was sure this would be my favorite.. not sure how it rated so low)

    • creed REL / AA / BdP: All nice fragrances, nice quality, but not something I would wear. I think the spice in all of these is what made me not want to wear them.

    Bad (on me):
    • sean john unforgivable: Awful on me, unfortunately. People say it's a ripoff of MI, and I can see a bit of similarity, but sadly something in the ingredient combo smells quite literally like urine on me. It's really bad so this one is very much off the list. Too bad, since I had hopes for a "cheap MI".

    • sean john I am king: No urine smell at least, but it really didn't do much for me. I had heard it was an SMW clone, and again I can see some similarites, but it's really nowhere close to SMW on me.

    • I haven't had the chance to try unforgivable platinum, but based on the other two sean johns, I'm not sure I should even bother.

    I have a hard time isolating ingredients, but my current theory is that it's the musk in MI/SMW that makes them smell so good up close to my skin. And I'd like to try a cologne that would double up on that musk note.

    I've seen a couple musk threads on here, but I don't have any idea which of those many musks might resemble the tone of the musk in MI/SMW. Any thoughts?

    I was considering "CK be" since it was listed as a relatively light and clean musk, but I don't know for sure if that's even what I'm looking for.

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    Default Re: musks similar to creed

    That musk you're referring to is probably the Ambergris base common to most Creeds made in the past 25 years or so.

    Surprising GIT was weak on you. It should be quite green and noticeable once you apply it.

    Try applying one spray of Erolfa, then layer on 2 sprays of MI over it.

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    Default Re: musks similar to creed

    Thanks. I was coming to the oppoiste conclusion on ambergris though. MI and SMW don't have that ingredient listed on creed's site, but all my second-tier choices did (AA,BdP,erolfa,himalaya).

    I'll try the MI + erolfa combo tomorrow. I will say that erolfa in isolation was kind of weak on me, although still stronger than GIT.

    I want to try one more set of decants from theperfumedcourt, and I'm very tempted to get a set of musks (although I'm admittedly still not sure that's the key note in my creed favorites).

    Anyway they have a bunch of musk sets, or I could put my own list together. Based on my MI/SMW preferences (and somewhat anti-spice tendancy REL,BdP,AA) does anyone have opinions on musks in that genre? What are key words I should look for (ie light / white / silver / ... ? I don't really know what any of those terms mean).

    I do have one other comment that may not help much since the reference is too new. I was at a duty-free shop in an airport the other day and saw boss bottled night. I had no idea it was a brand new fragrance or I might have bought it. I thought it was pretty nice. I didn't get to spend enough time with it to get a good feel for how it compares to my other favorites though.

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