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    Default Oh geez, did I just ruin all of my colognes?

    I keep some of my stuff in a camper trailer at my parents house including my very small collection of frags. However it didn't occure to me till lately that it gets pretty hot in the trailer during the past month and that heat is damaging to colognes. I live in Washington State so our summers don't get that hot compaired to other places but inside of the trailer it can get pretty hot, probably closer to 100 F or maybe higher.

    So my question is, did me foolishly storing my colognes in my trailer possibly ruin them? I have woody scents like Burberry London, D&G The One, Gucci Pour Homme 1 and Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme stored away in it and would be pretty bummed out if they ended up going bad on me.

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    Default Re: Oh geez, did I just ruin all of my colognes?

    I think prolonged exposure to high temperatures will diminish the quality of your collection, but a short period like a month wont have as much impact. If I were you, I'd give the folks a call and ask them to hunt them out and store them in the house in a cool, dark drawer or cupboard.

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    Default Re: Oh geez, did I just ruin all of my colognes?

    Thanks, I'm actually heading back down there this weekend and I'm going to immediatly move them back into the house where it's cooler. I won't have time to test if they smell different so I'm just hoping I didn't do too much damage this past month. I'll have to do the smell test later when I have the time.

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