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    Default Which Amouage should I get

    Yes, another which Amouage should I get thread. It is so hard to tell which Amouage to get since they're all excellent, yet so complicated to easily tell which one to get. I'd like to hear if you guys can give me some pointers or share your experience with me on which Amouage impressed you the most.

    Here is what I'm looking for: One that is unique enough to be worth the price, yet easily appealing to others. For the price this isn't going to be a purchase like Encre Noir which I got purely for my own enjoyment. Also I don't want a Shy scent, it has to project and last exceptionally well. Overall here is my experience:

    My Favorites:
    .Reflection: Very lovely powdery scent, my problem with it is it's not very unique, it's a common scent done very well, but is that worth the price?
    .Lyric Man/Woman: I prefer the woman, but both are very feminine. It's also not that unique, but done VERY VERY well so it could seem a little unique.
    .Dia: My favorite, unique, manly, can be used both casually and formally. But it has horrid longevity and projection for the price.
    .Epic Man/Woman: Both are great, I prefer the other three to this one, however this is the only flawless one; It's unique and has great projection and longevity. There's no review page for it in basenotes yet, so I'm unsure.

    The others I have tried:
    .Gold: A little too strong, old fashioned, I might get this one if I have some extra money later, but definitely not going to be my first amouage
    .Jubilation XXY: Supposedly the best amouage. It's really unique and strong, but it has a note I can't stand, is that the famous frankincense? it smells like some spice the use here in the middle east. Should I give it another try?
    .Ubar: More of the note I didn't like in JXXY, really dislike.
    .Ciel: Love the drydown, but it smells a little like pee for the first few hours. Not that unique either.

    My favorite note is Amber if that helps, especially if it's a soft creamy amber.

    So which would you recommend for my first purchase? which one got you the most compliments? or should I just go purchase a Tom Ford for the money, since Tom Fords are simple love or hate fragrances, and re-visit amouage once my nose is more trained.


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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    From what you've put above about each one, go with Dia

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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig View Post
    From what you've put above about each one, go with Dia
    Yep. Dia is the only Amouage I can bear to wear, the others are oppresively rich and strong.

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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    Dia. The longevity is actualy quite good, but the sillage isn`t so good. After one hour, it becomes a skin scent.. I received the Dia soap-set in the mail today, so I`m exited to see if it helps the sillage to be better. I will also recommend you to test Silver. Unfortunately a very underrated scent here on the forum. It`s crisp, fresh, woody, and spicy. A timeless classical formal "gentlemans" fragrance, that has the typical luxurious/expencive aura as most of the Amouage scents. Elegant stuff.
    - I like all of the scents from Amouage, except Reflection and Gold.

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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    If you didn't like JXXV, then there's no need to get it if there's only one you want to buy, if your favorite is Dia, then go for it!

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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    I am having the same dilemma. I am not getting what others get from Jubilation, but do really appreciate Epic. Offhand, Reflection is the most appealling, but my biggest concern with that is the same as yours as it's a bit generic; Joop/Fleur de male similarities. I think i will go for it though.
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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    Hmm I suppose I'll probably get Dia, still maybe Epic so I'll test them together. I'll also give silver a try, thanks guys.

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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    Give it another try, Jubilation XXV.

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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    Dia. It's my fave of the men's and women's both.

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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    You should give Amouage scents some more wearings.

    Reflection is not that simple. Because of floral notes, people may think it smell like JPG scents. But actually, Reflection is quite unique. Wearing R gives me the feeling of enjoying a beautiful adventure. From smooth floral notes, to sparkling fresh woody notes, and finally to seductive musk. It lasts forever. The sillage is good, too. Just give R one more chance, maybe R is what you are looking for.

    Dia is very wearable. It is not too strong or old or strange. You can take it, or leave it. As you know, Dia is just a skin scent after 2hours.

    Jubilation XXV... You are right. You should give it another try. Just don't spray too much. Maybe one or two spray, you will see how Jubilation shine.

    About an Amouage scent that I receive good compliments... I must say, it is Opus 1. If possible, you should try this.

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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    As Chocolateguy said; Do not use more than 2 sprays of J.XXV and Epic.. And do not spray to close to the skin. These two scents are realy strong and powerful stuff! I always use only one spray of Epic, under my shirt. I think this bottle will last for the rest of my life!

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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    Have to agree with the others that Reflection is not as simple as it seems. There's a beautiful camphoraceous element that is woven throughout the scent and at one point in the drydown the camphor intertwines with the cedar, sandalwood and patchouli and you get this really beautiful dark/light, warm/cold duality thing happening. Absolutely amazing, especially that far into the drydown, where most other scents are content to just let their base notes slowly fade away without presenting anything new or interesting.

    I really like Jubilation XXV (and 25, too) but don't feel I'd get much wear out of either, and so I'm content to own a few official samples of each which effectively serve as decants. The same holds true for Epic Man, but I am falling more and more in love with that scent with each wearing and might just pick up a 50ml bottle.

    I don't find Lyric Man to be very feminine at all - sure, it has a rose note, but it is heavily modulated by the spice notes (including the spicy green angelica note).

    Dia Man, I really want to like but I find the opening smells like those little orange circus peanut candies, and it totally turns me off to the scent. The drydown is better, but still just a bit too muted and, for lack of a better term, 'washed out.'

    Gold Man is a scent I totally respect as a composition but could only find occasion to wear maybe once or twice a year. Hence, a sample or two will last me for years.

    I second the suggestion of checking out Silver. It's similar to Ciel minus the urinous note, although more traditionally gentlemanly.
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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    There's certainly more to Reflection Man than meets the eye - probably the most versatile / wearable of the collection I have.

    Epic Woman is also well worth a look - in the end I opted for this one over Epic Man.

    Basically they are all good . . . it's just a question of what pushes your buttons

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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    Whoops - sorry.
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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    Jubilation XXV is the best IMO.
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    Default Re: Which Amouage should I get

    Although I have alot of them. ...Dia was my first and my favorite. It's my favorite special dressed up cologne.

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