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    Default Rituals - Artemesia

    Did anyone tried this men's eau de perfume by skincare compary Rituals?

    I bought it today, a 100 ml. for 15 euros, 50% reduction. Very pleasant perfume, little similar to Ulrich Lang - Anvers 2, wich I own aswell. Made solely of natural products.. Made around Artemesia and Vetiver.

    Can be bought in their webshop aswell, but no discount there.
    unico grande amore.

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    Default Re: Rituals - Artemesia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Descartes View Post
    I personally walk away from any Rituals shops here in Holland,all what they sell is crap (K.U.T.) compared for example with L'Occitane and Nature et Découvertes(sadly gone from Amsterdam's Kalvertoren). As you know you can find better bargains in the Kijkshop (Lanvin Arpège ,30ml Eau de perfume 19,00 euros) or even in ETOS.
    Thanks for the info. Although, I kinda like the Rituals stuff, I think they're pretty well created. As for the Lanvin, I bought it, at the Kijkshop indeed, haha.
    unico grande amore.

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