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    Question Femme by Rochas.

    Femme by Rochas is very nice except in the EDT I cannot wrap my head around the cumin note. Cumin ruins it for me; that said, I understand the EDP is a bit different. Is it less cumin oriented? What's your opinion please?

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    The edt has lots of cumin as you said and the edp even though is spicier and soapier, with a better woodsy base, has a LOT of cumin as well.
    Of course we're talking about the new reformulation of Femme as the "vintage" one in edp has more of a citrus and sandalwood scent.
    It's pretty much a love-it hate-it scent, the reformulation made it interesting with the cumin note, but for some it's just too much. It's very feminine and longlasting.

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    Try to get the pre 1989 version, yes it is still around usually ebay or such. I wore Femme in my teens in the 1970s and was shocked when I tried it some years back, the different was unbelievible totally different fragrance. The perfumer who decided to put the cumin in should be beaten to death with his cumin note. Now I managed to get a bottle of the pdt from ebay and it was the glorious stewed prunes and leather chypre I remember.

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    Default Re: Femme by Rochas.

    I have one of the vintage versions but I don`t which one is, but the one that I have is a parfum de toilette in that 30ml roxas bottle that has kind of a circular shape. I was prepared for a sweaty, cumin fragrance considering the comments that I read about this fragrance, and it was lovely surprise! I don`t detect so much cumin and the cumin that my bottle doesn`t scream sweaty. My Rochas Femme is like the one donna255 wrote, is a gorgoeus stewed prune, boozy, spicy, sensual, against a mossy leathery chypre base. I have an impression that this kind of a mitsouko made by rochas, substituing the misterious aura of mitsouko for a sensual one. I don`t know the newer version, but I still have plans to buy it, since it`s not expensive and maybe i can also like a cumin version of this sensual Femme.

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