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    Default Question About Sarah Jessica Parker Line

    Hey Ladies!

    Hope you don't mind a visitor from the boys' clubhouse! I have a question for you:
    I'm currently reading Chandler Burr's "The Perfect Scent." The book, which goes behind the scenes with Sarah Jessica Parker's ""Lovely," also talks about a scent SJP had in the works. It's the one she built on 3 separate scents -- the drugstore musk, the African oil and another one which I think may be LdDM. Did her "dream fragrance" ever come into being as part of her line? Many thanks!

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    Default Re: Question About Sarah Jessica Parker Line

    I always assumed it was Covet, but I think it was somewhat compromised and did not really work.
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    Default Re: Question About Sarah Jessica Parker Line

    Yes, I assumed it was Covet, too. It was her 2nd fragrance.

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    Default Re: Question About Sarah Jessica Parker Line

    Thank you both! Not sure if a guy can get away with it, but I wanna give it a sniff! :-)

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    Default Re: Question About Sarah Jessica Parker Line

    A guy can totally wear it, as a matter of fact, I rank it in my top 5 of all time. I think that has something to do with why it wasn't as popular as Lovely was. Covet isn't a very typical "feminine" fragrance and it's definitely unique.

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