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    The whole bit about the compliments seems a bit exaggerated at best. Creed rep? Trolling? Seems likely, but who's to say.

    It sounds like I am one of the lucky ones with Erolfa, though. I can honestly say I do get 10+ hours out of it. I must have gotten a good batch or it just works on me I guess. Either way, I'm thankful because I love Erolfa.

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    Default Re: Compliment on Erolfa after 10 HOURS

    Hello everyone,

    I think this thread took an unintentional turn for the worst so I'd like to share my experience to the OP. Ill admit I love a lot of creed fragrances but also don't care for several of them. I can't believe we think there are trolls on this board, just my humble opinion!

    I tried on erolfa at NM and about 5 hours later was still enjoying it. I could still smell it in the shower at the sixth hour. Loved it and it is definitely on my short list to pick up.

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    Default Re: Compliment on Erolfa after 10 HOURS

    Erolfa is a fantastic fragrance that has garnered many compliments when I wore it. But this was from my original bottle from the 1990's which has been requisitioned by my girlfriend and I don't use it much anymore. BUT back around 2002 the batches were much lighter in intensity and my second bottle I had to discard because it was so short lived that I actually thought I had been sold a fake fragrance. I continued to test Erolfa every time I run across it and most of the batches this decade have been sort of thin and lightweight. The last few years they seem to be coming back a little bit, but there is no doubt it lost most of its strength for a number of years. I hope they have restored its former strength and if they have I will buy another bottle.

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    Default Re: Compliment on Erolfa after 10 HOURS

    I've worn Erolfa and had people on my elevator at home compliment me on my way up after work. I came into the thread eager to give my similar experience, only to find people accusing the OP of trolling. Am I trolling now? Why are people trying to be aggressive to the OP just because he had a good experience?
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    Not a Creed rep here, but some Creeds do have good longevity. I have a bottle of Himalaya and it can last the whole day (12+ hours).

    I believe that people perceive smells I very different ways. Some fragrances can feel like they have "disappeared" to the person wearing them, but still be quite noticeable to others...

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