Walked into a little city shop selling niche and stumbled across Miller et Bertaux. The perfumer has released a number of quality fragrances such as...

l'eau de parfum #1 (for you) / parfum trouvé
l'eau de parfum #2 spiritus / land
l'eau de parfum #3 green, green, green and green

The most notable of the above to me is #3 and the one I am about to share with you guys. This is an amazing fragrance, smells to me like the most exquisite Turkish Delight. Bois de Gaļac et Poire, aka Ref. 015 813 (Unisex fragrance) is made with Turkish Roses, which you can imagine would smell like the famed Turkish Delight sweet. If you are a lover and would like to try something nice for the cold autumn/winter period, I recommend this!

The notes include lemon, mandarin, jasmine, roses, gaiac wood, pear, cinnamon, heliotrope and almond. To me, the almond and the roses pop out the entire time, a very comforting fragrance.