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    So a couple weeks ago I was at the Bond Boutique at Saks and I asked the SA at the counter that was filling in for a Bond rep what was in Silver Factory. She said she thought it was heavy in patchouli. Im not a big patchouli fan, so I quickly sprayed a tester card and found it interesting, but didnt smell much patchouli. So I went on to another bottle...

    ...Fast forward to this morning. I got my hands on a few Bond samples and smeared on some Silver Factory cause I like to experience everything at least once. Well, to my surprise, all I smelled was a spicy warm incense and no patchouli. I looked up the notes to it and couldnt find that it actually does have patchouli in it. But never mind all that, this scent is freaking delicious! And it just gets better as it dries down. Incense, florals, a little sweet, and lightly musky. Digging it!

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    I experimented with Silver Factory quite a bit. It was unique, interesting and a little odd for me, but not a positive compliment getter. Nothing wrong with Bond pushing the envelope in their developing it. Such is art.

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    It's one of Bond's best, IMO.
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    I think it does have Patchouli in it. Mazzolari Lui is known to have lots of patchouli, and the opening of both fragrances are very similar, imho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by litworth View Post
    I think it does have Patchouli in it. Mazzolari Lui is known to have lots of patchuli, and the opening of both fragrances are very similar, imho.
    Ah, interesting. I dont really smell it so it must be a subtle ingredient if it's in there. My nose can usually pick out that note cause it rubs me the wrong way. So far, Im getting incense all the way through and it really softens up, not in strength but in the way it smells. Loving it.

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    I get violets, incense and a cold metallic edge, no patch. And btw its one of my favs.
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    The only BN9 that I like (besides that outrageously expensive crystal-studded oud).

    I wore it this weekend, after I spent an afternoon at the spa and in the state of mind I was in it clicked so well. It is one of those incense scents that smells ancient and primitive. I love that about it.

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    No (or at least not much at all) patchouli in it to my nose. I also don't find any similarity to Mazzolari Lui (which is a huge patchouli hitter). I get the white incense, violet, musks, metallic notes, etc. I personally really like it.
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    I don't get patchouli, she was probably incorrect. I do really love this fragrance, it's unique, smoky, sweet metallic incense with a bs background of florals. On my wishlist

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    When I smelled it in Saks on a card, I got the hint of metallic to my nose. It almost reminded me of aluminum ducting. But on my skin, I get none of the metallic notes. But everything else. This one is fantastic. On my wishlist as well.

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    Love Silver Factory! was actually my scent of the day. The SA was probably thinking of Hot Always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    It's one of Bond's best, IMO.
    I agree.....I also Love West Side and Saks Fifth Avenue Pour Homme.....I can't wait to sample Cooper Square!!!

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    one of my fav bond fragrances
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    why didn't you just talk with the Bond rep that works at the store?

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